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    Hi, (i hope it's still current topic for webui questions) I'm trying to configure Web UI with IIS 7.5 and URL Rewriting. After a googling for a while, reading this and some another topics i'm only more confused then before. What i have done to this moment is base configuration with location for web.config and URL Rewrite configuration for utorrent.maydomain.com that points to http://ip_adress:8081/gui/index.html . Effect of this is wierdly looking site - just like IIS didn't give access to images and .js So, i'm stuck at this moment and don't really know what i could make wrong. I configured differently URL Rewrite to point to /gui/ or /gui/index.html , tried with disabled default document, tried sth with session configuration but nothing from this helped. I also checked logs and it looks like brower isn't taking everything what should be loaded GET / X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-ID=2329e5GET /main.css X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IGET /stable.css X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOGGET /images/ut_small.png X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&GET /mootools.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOGET /utils.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IGET /constants.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LGET /flotr.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IGET /lang/_.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-GET /speedgraph.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-GET /logger.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-GET /stable.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-GET /webui.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IGET /tabs.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IDGET /dialogmanager.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-AGET /contextmenu.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARRGET /main.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IDGET /images/snake.gif X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-AGET /images/ut.png X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-GET /images/mootools.png X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&GET /images/ut_small.png X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&GET / X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-ID=c52516GET /images/ut.png X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-GET /images/snake.gif X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-AGET /images/mootools.png X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&GET /stable.css X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOGGET /flotr.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IGET /main.css X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IGET /speedgraph.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-GET /lang/_.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-GET /stable.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-GET /images/ut_small.png X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&GET /tabs.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IDGET /webui.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IGET /contextmenu.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARRGET /dialogmanager.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-AGET /logger.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-GET /main.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IDGET /mootools.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOGET /utils.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LOG-IGET /constants.js X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0&X-ARR-LGET /images/ut_small.png X-ARR-CACHE-HIT=0& For now, i'm out of ideas, any suggestions what i should check but i didn't?