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  1. Added - Also, when I try to use the setup guide to check bandwidth speed, I get an error saying 'Connection error: an address incompatible with the requested protocol was used (10047) as attached' Further thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I noticed this morning that most of the torrents that were red yesterday were green earlier today but I have just checked and they are back to red again! I had asked my ISP to check my setup after an earlier post a few weeks back about poor speeds and they changed my entire setup to fibre and doubled the speed. All this has happened since then. Also I see I have started to get this yellow starred tick instead of a green tick when I run the setup guide. No idea why this should be there. Any thoughts? Should I be banging the table at my ISP to see what they are up to?
  3. Last month I asked why I was having problems with uTorrent and Rafi suggested I use his settings.dat file which I did and all was fine - for a while. I also contacted my ISP and asked what they could do so after supplying a new router, two days later they decided to upgrade me to fibre and increased my download speed to 100 M at the same time. To confuse things further, I think I saw that there may have been an update to uTorrent since then because now I find that things aren't working as as well as before. For example, torrents now take ages to start downloading and seeding. The whole things seems to have slowed down a lot, but as my ISP has doubled my speed and put me on fibre, I would have thought it should not do that. Also many torrents don't seem to seed as they did and today I suddenly see that many of them are red, as in the attached picture. I can't find out what that means, but I assume that for some reason it means they aren't available for upload although they are all in the folder I store torrents in. I would estimate that about 80% of torrents are now red instead of green. I have reset uTorrent using the downloaded settings.dat, but it doesn't seem to be working as it did at first. Is there any chance of advising on settings for seeding and speeding things up? uTorrent 3.5.5 Build 45608
  4. Just what was happening to me. The machine just got taken over by a crazed process with a mind of its own, elbowing it's way to the CPU and RAM to hog whatever it wanted for itself. The best, but most time-wasting, way to resolve it was to unplug everything from the wall including the router, maybe go make a cup of tea and come back, plug everything back in and then all was fine after switch-on, but If I resumed downloading, eventually (could be 10 minutes, could be 2 hours) back came the problems. I just download what I want then leave uTorrent churning away and seed whatever is on there to whoever wants what I have got, so I don't have a huge amount of torrents going. I might have had up to 100 previously, but after updating with Rafi's settings I have much less. I tried making torrents from existing files and uploading them, but it never seemed to work so maybe I will post another thread on that elsewhere.
  5. Rafi, many thanks for your help. My problem seems to be sorted out. I think I had messed about with the settings of the previous installation too much and put too much strain on my PC memory and internet connection. I have done a truckload of downloading torrents over the last few days and not a problem once. Now to finish reading your tips and perhaps I'll be able to figure it all out.
  6. Ah! OK, I should have thought of that! :-D Give me a couple of days and I'll sort it out. Many thanks for the info so far.
  7. Well, I clicked on the link and downloaded the .dat file, but can't open it in anything because it needs a program to be associated with it. What now? Do I import the file into something?
  8. I am not sure what you mean by @my sig. Does it mean one of the links below your post? I'll try a LAN connection but my cable doesn't seem to be working and the places where I'd buy a new one are currently closed due to the COVID 19 virus, but it's on the list. I don't think it's a wifi issue though, because I don't have any problems when downloading movies etc directly through Chrome.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply. I'll try to wade my way through all that lot, but I'm no expert so it will take time. I recall now that I had problems some years ago and I ended up finding that it was due to an update, so I reverted to the previous version (2-something or other) and it was OK as long as I used that. I built a new PC last year and installed the latest version of uTorrent and that's when my problems started again. The previous PC was Win 7 32 bit and this new one is Win 10 64 bit but still the same problems. Having said that, the uTorrent I use is the 32 bit version because I can't seem to find a 64 bit one. With that in mind, I do think uTorrent has a significant bearing on the issue although obviously I need to check the other factors you mentioned. Finally, what about if I just set uTorrent to all default settings and see what happens then?
  10. I have been using uTorrent for about 15 years to download but I have no real idea of the technical side at all so please be patient. I have noticed for some time and especially since the last update that it seems to take over and hog my internet and everything else slows down until the internet crashes. The first sign is that my PC slows to a crawl and trying to access a website using Chrome takes forever. Usually I get tod that there is no internet, even though UTorrent is still downloading. Sometimes, I can just wait and it will reconnect very soon. Other times, I have to remove the cable from the USB wifi adaptor, reconnect it and off she goes again. I might have to do this more than once before it ‘clicks’ and reconnects automatically. At times, I remove the cable, reconnect and nothing happens, then when I try to connect manually, first it says ‘checking Windows requirements’ but then I get told Windows can’t connect and I have to reboot. Then other times, things seem to just freeze and I have to reboot my PC when it usually reconnects and starts downloading again OK. However, there are times when even rebooting doesn’t work and I have to not only power off, but also remove the plug from the wall and reset the router in another room before reconnecting to the mains and starting from scratch. This doesn’t happen too often but probably 2 or 3 times a week. Having said that, the internet crashed as I was typing this and I had to unplug both the router and PC for about 5 minutes, then try to reconnect and it refused to connect twice, but on the third attempt it finally did. This was in the space of about 10 minutes. I don’t pretend to know why any of this should happen, but it’s 1) something to do with uTorrent, 2), something to do with my Windows configuration or 3) something to do with my ISP. Of course there could be any combination of the three. I have just noticed that whilst I have Windows 10 64 bit, my version of uTorrent is 32 bit. Does this matter? I don’t have any problem at all when downloading from sites via Chrome. If it’s uTorrent, I am not sure if I have it set up properly so could do with some help there. I would love to resolve this problem somehow so any help is very much appreciated. Setup – uTorrent 3.5.5 Build 45574 32 bit Windows 10 64 bit Pro Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363 16 gig DDR4 2133 Processor AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, Radeon Vega Graphics, 3500 MHz, 4 Core(s) Mainboard Product Gigabyte B450M DS3H-CF