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  1. uTorrent is not updating from version 3.0 build 25806 to any of the newer versions. I have to download the new version and install it manually. If i select check for update it returns me that i have the latest version. The option update to beta version is unchecked, if i check it prompts me to update to version 3.1
  2. The last one 1.9 alpha 14659 but i have this prob since 13885
  3. Hi guys, first of all.. NICE WORK. Second, i ahave a problem, my utorrent does not automaticly update. ( i already check the options table ) And if i click "Check for update" it still says me that the is no update available this time.. Can you help?? Thanks
  4. Crashes and freezes for me too in windows vista.. Speed looks fine...
  5. Very good version.. It takes hours until it crash in Vista Sometimes crashes when i add a new torrent..
  6. it is still crashes sometimes in windows vista.... p.s it's hard for vista to kill the process