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  1. Feature: Added bandwidth priority and tracker status column Thanks! Finally my request is implemented
  2. Hello! I would like to test the WebUI for µtorrent, too! First of all, I like BETAs very much, because i can see the direct development of the program and i can help the developer to fix bugs and also make new suggestions. That's why i am always using the latest µtorrent BETA. I am also a webdesigner, because of that i have nearly all kinds of browsers installed (Firefox, IE 6 + 7, Opera, Netscape). So i am able to test it with a lot of browsers and my bugreports are written with some knowledge depending technic issues or complications.
  3. I take a look everyday, because i hope to see a new BETA here on the site. Firon, don't you want to tell me s.th. depending on new BETAs ?
  4. What are the reasons that 428 is not public?
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