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  1. translation my statistics value is greater then one, but torrents are not downloading, why is it so?
  2. unforgiven_sh turning off the UDP support - bt.transp_disposition = 5
  3. my upload is around 20-30% slower with beta 17188 than it was with the buid 17127 rolled back to buid 17127 and everething is back to normal
  4. (bug?) I want to download a torrent with many files inside and before download I select only 2 files from 10 this 2 files where downloaded whith no problems, but when I try to switch priority to normal for other files in this torrent, I recive an error "The handle is invalid"
  5. SkyHi :-)) Beast's number is not 666, but 616 link working again
  6. cannot download the latest beta from the link in first post :-(