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  1. To avoid confusion this issue is related to accessing the Web UI over a local LAN. When I posted this in troubleshooting there was confusion with people thinking I was talking about accessing it over the internet. Devices on a local LAN have a device name/computer name. These names can be used to access services on the device. Examples might be file browsing, or a web server (e.g. http://TheServer), or a subsonic music server (e.g. http://TheServer:4040/index.view), or an Emby media server (http://TheServer:8096/web/dashboard.html), and until a recent update , uTorrent (e.g. http://TheServer:9091/gui/). Now uTorrent no longer responds when using the computer name, giving a 400 error. Using the IP address works fine as before (e.g. If I'm actually on the server localhost works and so does the loopback address, but not the device name, locally or over the LAN. This has previously been working for a few years. All other services (as listed above) continue to work with the device name just fine. This isn't a huge deal but I would prefer to be able to use the device name rather than IP address if possible. Edited to add: I noticed in the change log for the last release "– Sanity check Host header on HTTP requests" among other changes to the Web UI . Wondering if it is related to this.
  2. WebUI Not Reachable USing Computer Name

    Seems some of the replies are for a different (related?) issue. There is no hosting site. It is running on a server on my LAN; I'm not trying to access it remotely but rather over the LAN. That server's computer name is TheServer. It has worked for years and nothing has changed except uTorrent version, so definitely a uTorrent problem. Maybe you were responding to the other posts, not the original?
  3. For few years now I've been accessing the uTorrent WebUi over my local network using the computer name of the server it is running on. e.g. http://TheServer:9091/gui/ . Now that no longer works. I have to use the IP address instead. IP address works, loopback IP works (, localhost works, but not TheServer. Was there an update recently that broke this? I have a few other programs that have a web gui and they still all work so it isn't a computer/firewall/network problem. Chrome gives the error: This site can’t be reached The webpage at http://theserver:9091/gui/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED