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  1. Would you mind to share the screenshot of the "bloody window popup" please?
  2. >>Only MS? The screen above is from the MS defender message, so i am talking about it. But yes, MS is the biggest player. Most of the companies on VT use few big companies signatures. Our observation - as soon as MS removes some flag, half of other flags on VT "magically" disappears. Few other remove flags after we submit executable for clearance, but this is very time consuming - at the moment they done with the analysis, we already have new build. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  3. We are talking to MS defender team constantly about their false positive detections. They remove it for one build, but next build this happens again. "It not us, it is AI detection, it is still learning" - the answer in some cases, but most often no answer at all.
  4. Thank you for the report.
  5. You are correct. We are using NSIS as installer solution, and the only dll we drop is bt_datachannel.dll
  6. Could you share the dll files names please?
  7. The easiest way to fix it will be to download latest version from the website and install it on top of existing.
  8. @joshace 3.6 - what exactly does not work for you?
  9. Thank you for the report! Which version of windows 11 are you using? Do you have previous version installed? Did you try to completely uninstall old version before installing new one? If you retry now, do you still see the same result? Thank you.
  10. The link above may give you old or new beta based on bucket. The "older' build is about 16 MB, the new one is 3+ MB. Make sure you are getting the new one.
  11. SergeyQA

    Weird message

    What is your OS version?
  12. Most of the users complains about MalWareBytes - unfortunately this is the way they do stuff and we can do nothing about that. I am pretty sure Pro version will be flagged by them as well.
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