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  1. If "Uninstall.exe" is not presented in the %Appdata%/Roaming/uTorrentWeb folder, feel free to just delete that folder and disable utorrentWeb autostart in the Task Manager.
  2. Which tool did you use for endpoints discovery?
  3. Right click on program icon on desktop > open file location > locate uninstall.exe > launch > uninstall. That should help. Thank you.
  4. Settings > Apps & Features > locate utweb icon > uninstall.
  5. You may have seen PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) or PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) AV flags when downloading, installing or launching the uTorrent application. Here are details that should help ease your mind when downloading our products. Firstly, some antiviruses falsely alert on serious security issues such as Trojans. uTorrent follows up quickly with the antivirus companies to remove these false positive detections. If you install uTorrent from the uTorrent website, you can be assured you are getting an official build. Our development process is tightly controlled, and all uTorrent applications are locked through a signing process that confirms to Windows that these are official, safe applications. uTorrent is able to provide free applications through ads that are presented during installation and within the use of the products. Some antivirus companies consider the presence of these ads as “unwanted” by users, justifying “Potentially Unwanted Application” (PUA) or “Potentially Unwanted Program” (PUP) classifications. Given our large and active customer base, with over 2 billion installs to date, we respectfully disagree that our applications are unwanted. In addition, uTorrent follows all standard industry practices to produce safe and acceptable products for the public. uTorrent maintains partnerships with some of the leading antivirus companies and continues active discussions within the industry to reduce PUA, PUP flags. In summary, we are constantly working to provide the best user experience with uTorrent. If you encounter any malware or trojan flags, please contact us and provide a screen capture of the antivirus flag and any other information about your PC that might help us duplicate your experience within our test lab.
  6. What is your screen resolution and scaling settings?
  7. Are you using beta or stable version? What is your Windows language? Thank you.
  8. Known issue - it is false positive. Please ignore defender message.
  9. SergeyQA

    3.5.x Beta

    Yep. We are working on it. Thanks for the report.
  10. You should be able to use btt speed in the classic version.
  11. May we get more info please? What product you are installing (classic utorrent or utWeb)? At which moment that window appears? Would be nice if .exe file from temp directory be attached to the report. Thank you.
  12. On windows stop utorrent client, delete %AppData%\Local\BitTorrentHelper folder, start client again and instead of creating, use "import" option.
  13. May you share more info please? Current user path, path utorrent is actually installed, may be few screenshots please? Thank you.