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  1. You should be able to use btt speed in the classic version.
  2. May we get more info please? What product you are installing (classic utorrent or utWeb)? At which moment that window appears? Would be nice if .exe file from temp directory be attached to the report. Thank you.
  3. On windows stop utorrent client, delete %AppData%\Local\BitTorrentHelper folder, start client again and instead of creating, use "import" option.
  4. May you share more info please? Current user path, path utorrent is actually installed, may be few screenshots please? Thank you.
  5. >>a new license number is required for every reinstall License permits you too use multiple activations on the same machine and even allows few activations on different machines. If the same license is used on different VMs or different machines, i would not expect it to be valid for such use.
  6. Looks like you installed uTorrent Web. Download classic version should help.
  7. May you share utorrent client picture with "about" window open please? Thanks.
  9. Are you using and antivirus? Is windows defender shows any warnings?
  10. Are you using and antivirus? Is windows defender shows any warnings?
  11. >> First, how on earth can I find this already existing torrent among many hundreds of torrents I have in my list? Use "filter" option in the client. Finding your torrent will take nothing. >>Second, what if the torrent already exits, what then? who cares? why should I bother finding ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ >>why mTorrent program prevents me from downloading the file again? Because you already have that torrent downloaded. To do that multiple times delete torrent before next attempt. >> So, my question How to get round this message of already existing torrent and just add the torrent again and start download? Remove existing torrent.
  12. May you share some screenshots with adfree product showing ads please? Thank you.