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  1. No official API published, but you can use browser dev tools to check fronted requests to the backend.
  2. What is your monitor resolution? May you show screenshot please? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for report. We do see the problem and working with our partner on fixing it. Sorry for inconvenience.
  4. In which countries you guys are seeing that problem?
  5. SergeyQA


    That is a bug. We fixed it in the beta build and are going to release it in next stable as well. Thank you.
  6. "Filter Torrents" functionality is fixed in the upcoming beta, random scrolling report is under investigation. Thank you for report.
  7. You should get confirmation mail with activation key immediately after payment complete.
  8. SergeyQA

    3.5.x Beta

    Thank you for the report. Bug is confirmed - we will try to fix it soon.
  9. I would find which process is deleting installer first. Most probably Malwarebytes does.
  10. May you share screenshot of "phone application shows as fake" please? Thank you.
  11. Double click license file - client will be updated to Pro automatically.
  12. I am trying to reproduce that bug with no success here. Would you guys mind to help me with some info please? 1. In which country you are? (privacy window appears for certain countries only) 2. Does window appears on computer restart or just program restart? 3. When you close "privacy" window, which option you are using? ([x] button, agree, etc...) 4. On which version of the utorrent you are? 5. Did you modify any settings, if yes, which settings are changed? Thank you in advance .
  13. Yes. All the same features.
  14. Are you installing uTorrent classic or utWeb? Do you have any antivirus software installed? If yes, does it reacts somehow to the utorrent installation?