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  1. May you share screenshot of "phone application shows as fake" please? Thank you.
  2. Double click license file - client will be updated to Pro automatically.
  3. I am trying to reproduce that bug with no success here. Would you guys mind to help me with some info please? 1. In which country you are? (privacy window appears for certain countries only) 2. Does window appears on computer restart or just program restart? 3. When you close "privacy" window, which option you are using? ([x] button, agree, etc...) 4. On which version of the utorrent you are? 5. Did you modify any settings, if yes, which settings are changed? Thank you in advance .
  4. Yes. All the same features.
  5. Are you installing uTorrent classic or utWeb? Do you have any antivirus software installed? If yes, does it reacts somehow to the utorrent installation?
  6. Under which circumstances that window appears? Do you need to restart client or machine to get is shown again? Thanks.
  7. May you share .dmp file from %appdata%/utorretnt/ directory to help us investigate that issue please? Thanks.
  8. What is the version of your utorrent client? May you show screenshot of the message you are getting? Thank you.
  9. Are you getting any messages when you can not open utWeb as a User?
  10. Sorry for bad experience. By the law we should show that message. If user accepts or declines the message, we do not show it any more. If user just clicks on {x} button we have to show it on every restart until clear answer is given. Again that is by the the law and we have no control over it. But if you do declined or accepted the message and it appears again - that is a bug.
  11. That is a bug. We are working on fixing it. Check your private message for fixing instructions please.
  12. Are you guys see that message only once, or it reappears on a regular basis?
  13. Looks like your desktop icon points to the wrong executable. Just delete it and create new shortcut which points to "%appdata%/utorrent/utorrent.exe
  14. SergeyQA

    3.5.x Beta

    I am trying to reproduce that glitch on my side with no success. May you describe how you update process looked like? You had 45628 running, stopped it and manually installed 45660? Did i miss any steps? Thank you.
  15. May i ask you to compress the whole utweb folder and share it with us please to investigate an issue? We mostly are interesting in logs and settings. Log file does not contain any sensitive information and can be viewed by any text editor. Thank you.
  16. May we see screenshot please? Thank you.
  17. SergeyQA

    3.5.x Beta

    May i get the .dmp file to investigate the crash issue please? Thank you.
  18. You can try this build: It has "partial" fix for RSS problem - more commits are coming. let us know if it works for you, guys. Thank you.
  19. Here is the post: I approved it, but answers to questions like this can be googled in 30 seconds - no need to wait 2 weeks sending private messages to moderators to get an answer
  20. SergeyQA

    3.5.x Beta

    That bug is fixed in the upcoming beta. Thanks.
  21. SergeyQA

    3.5.x Beta

    No luck reproducing that on my side. Would you mind to share crash dmp please?