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  1. Mechanically it will save the harddrives some work when it doesnt have to write and read in random in thousands of places at the same time. I've been using 1536 MB for cache since the first time it was possible to set it. I ran in to trouble when the program hit 2+ GB so I have now reduced it to 1280 MB. Works great. Saves alot of writes and also saves quite alot of reads. With my slow 6/1 Mbit connection I now have this stats for read/writes: From cache: ~1 million and 6/s From file: ~300k and 0-1/s To cache: ~4 million To file: 44 000 These figures was at least tenfold bigger when I was using 100/10 Mbit where I was almost always seeding at max 24/7. This is a huge saving on the mechanical parts that doesn't have to work as hard and much anymore. Sure the drives can handle this strain, but it also reduces noise which is nice for us having the computer on 24/7 in the bedroom.
  2. I have had a random occuring bug. Have had it with many different builds, both alpha, beta and stable. GUI elements stops drawing after µtorrent has been running for a long time (Usually 1 week or more). Im not sure if this is a bug with µtorrent, windows or graphic drivers. It only happens with utorrent thou. Parts of the gui becomes black and I have to resize the window to get parts of it back. If I make it bigger things start to disappear again and if I maximize it, everything goes away. I get a window frame with a big black square. Its not an annoying bug since it still works perfect and downloads/uploads. Just thought I should tell and also maybe get an answer of what could be wrong. Vista x64 SP1 and Nvidia.
  3. I would like to test this new feature. I have worked with betas for years, I like testing new stuff and sometimes give back some input and criticism, both negative and positive. I have 100/100 Mbit connection. And my selling point is; I have found this feature useless for months and now when I setup remote desktop I realized Im only using it to login and check µT. So this could be a nice feature after all!