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  1. Is it safe to upgrade from 2.0 yet? There are two things that make me cautious. The first is about the XP-compatibility. According to various forums here it seems that XP users should patch their system somehow or(and?) set "net.max_halfopen" to 8 . Also, "bt.connect_speed" to 5. Neither of these are the default values. Also, what about the alleged memory leak? Not only here but at other forums (on private trackes) I read about this. Does it exist in the first place, and if so, also on XP (Home) systems?
  2. @Firon: "Anyway, this RC will very likely be the final one, as all remaining issues seem to be resolved. Hopefully by the end of the week we'll rebadge it as final." This is one of the best news of this year. :-) Many thanks for all involved.
  3. @pestbest: good idea, thanks. The problem is that this version is not allowed at private trackers. I have to agree with zyrobs (above), the developers perhaps should concentrate their efforts finalizing 2.0, since that really opens up new dimensions in itself. I am heavily throttled thus can't keep decent ratios at the several private sites I am a member of. I am enforcing utp in my 1.8.4 with a certain setting of "bt.transp_disposition" and have excellent speeds but unfortunately able connect to utorrent and one other client only, so I also lose out peers. :-(
  4. No, it's 30/3 Mbits. But back to my original idea, the developers might want to update those suggestions since the bandwiths are ever changing (increasing). In the software's Speed Guide there are detailed suggestions below 1Mbits (between 28.8 and 768k) but above that the grades are rough. (Thus this guide might be outdated.) I don't know the share of the fellow users that use this SG-feature at all, but I think probably our minority do. But I am sure that the fraction of the users are reading the forums hence found your Settings Chart here.
  5. Many thanks (and I had a surprisingly good estimation/setting for my 3Mbit/s connection).
  6. Great news. I'd like to suggest that in future versions (have to admit that I've not yet installed it as private trackers don't like RC-s) more options should be offered in the "Speed Guide". For examle, there are many upload speeds ("Connection Type"-s) available between 2 and 10 Mbits out there. Thanks.
  7. I am also a UPC Hungary user and I'd like to add something to this torrent shaping/throttling/whatever it is problem. My max upload speed now is at 30 KB/s, but occasionally, when a peer show up with some specific client, the remainder of my "official" upload capacity gets into use for that period and for that connection (up to around 90 KB/s in total). So I've had 4 torrents uploaded at 30 KB/s (not specific client user peers), and the fifth at around 55 KB/s for a Ktorrent 3.1.4 user, recently. This is definitely not applies to peers using Azureus (,, though. Thanks everybody for working on it.