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  1. Yes, it is latest alpha. I have utorrent caching disabled completely and only windows caching "enabled". Actually the more I think of this, I start to see the problem here. How does utorrent "cache" work? Is it accumulating the writes in order to write them all at once, acting as second "coalesce write" setting? And how you think windows caching works? The problem may be in that when utorrent internal caching is disabled, "coalesce writes" settings kicks in and what you do is explicitly flush to disk every file write of "coalesce buffer" size, bypassing windows cache completely. This would explain the rape that I see utorrent commences upon the disk when high-speed download is started with "enabled" windows cache and small default 4 kb "coalesce write" size. If I'm correct, then what you need to do is don't flush anything if "windows cache" is enabled and let windows write writes at its own pace, flushing completed files by closing file handle on file. Plus then I am correct in coming up with workaround for rape described above by ballooning "coalesce write" size and introducing the actual utorrent cache as supposed to be.
  2. Here you go. I lack insight in what procmon is displaying here, I would be grateful if you'd help me understand this. Is double writes or I am mistaking this for something else?
  3. OH CHRIST Can it be that you finally fixed the issue where utorrent writes every write to the disk twice? downloading now!
  4. I've got this small problem: I seed a lot of things for long time. When I decide to download a torrent, earlier versions started to download immediately after I put them in that empty download query. Newer versions of mutorrent wait a few minutes before starting to download, although peers count already shown in column and tracker have been contacted.
  5. Oh this is me again. Version 1.8.3 (15772) tells me that "No new version is available". Eleven days since release passed, so when this version will be pushed to normal users?
  6. Just now utorrent updated itself, thanks.
  7. The same question at each new update. big_smile Auto-update is progressive to track possible crash just after the update. That takes few days. Just be patient. Is this month that passed since my first question can be considered "few days"? I'm still getting "no new version available at this time". Is 1.8.3 still not recommended to normal users because of instability of some kind?
  8. I'm using 1.8.2 build 14458 an update tells me "no new version available at this time".
  9. Some strange bug: i couldn't log in now, until I cleared cookies for this site. When I entered password it wrote to me "Auth successful" and redirected to previous page, but I didn't log in, caption said "Not logged in". Perhaps this is connected to upgrade to FF 3.0.11.