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  1. Just to add... I'm capped at 20-25 kb/s UL and 100-200kb/s DL which totally sux since I used to be able to get 70-80 kb/s UL and 650-750 kb/s DL... I haven't noticed it go higher in a while now and I really hope this gets fixed soon, I've never really had a problem this big before till now. Though I'll never abandon uTorrent no matter how long it takes to make the fix. Extra note; I did check with my ISP and I did do a DL speed test and I do have full DL speed outside of uTorrent. Also, I did modify some settings about 4 months ago in uTorrent to help it go faster (net.max_halfopen fix, among other little things....), so if that has any affect on the new version, it'd be good to know.