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  1. I'm experiencing crashes after having utorrent 1.5.1 on all night. Unforunately, since I'm asleep I can't tell what's triggering the crash. However it's been pretty consistant to find utorrent not running when I wake up or come back from work. Is there any built in logging feature that I can turn on so I can trace what is causing the crash? It's annoying to come back and find my torrents didn't download at all because utorrent crashed. Also another bug, whenever utorrent crashes and I start it up again, the "only move from the default download directory" option always reverts back to unchecked, even though I rechecked it every time. Could it be the settings aren't persisted until shutdown? Hope you guys fix it soon, I love utorrent and am looking to ditch transmission and make utorrent my default client as soon as it stabilizes!
  2. Same thing here. Mine actually starts off orange and then turns red! At first I thought it was my router's problem, but port forwarding is working for all other apps. This thread confirmed my suspicion that utorrent is acting up... The transfer speed is also slower than usual, although it could be just a psychological effect.