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  1. Download, run it, open Windows Defender, you see Current Threats, left click on it to look more options, select Allow on this device, then select Start the action. There is option to select allow, then won't be deleted next time you download or run. If something is put into quarantine then there's option to restore it, just look at the Defender threat history and left click on them. Chrome and Defender doesn't delete the file for me, so no clue why it does for others. He even has link written underneath his posts for program that converts the original uTorrent.exe that is in your default AppData/ Roaming folder, you can try that. Alternatively you can just download small old make_laa.exe file from nulano.eu/dl/make_laa You run the make_laa.exe program, then select No, then you see File Explorer window to manually locate the folder where is your uTorrent.exe and patch it. Otherwise if you download already patched version, then just rename the 3.5.5_45798 into default uTorrent.exe and replace the original one in your AppData/ Roaming/ uTorrent folder. I have 460 torrents running and no issues with latest uTorrent beta, so maybe the memory leak was fixed and not needed to use Laa version. Open Start Menu, right click on uTorrent, select to Open Location of it, then you see a uTorrent shortcut, right click again to select Open Location and then you see the default location of all your current uTorrent resume, settings and torrent files. Don't delete anything and if you want to copy that folder for backup, then exit your uTorrent beforehand. Only folder you don't need there is the Updates folder where older versions are stored. If you have modified 2mb sized uTorrent.exe, not the installation file, then you just copy it into the default program location and replace the original. I doubt anyone will modify default setup files to easily upgrade and automatically replace your current uTorrent.exe, so have to deal with these alternatives until official stable or beta client has the memory leak fixed that leads to Windows crash. Try latest beta if not willing to try alternatives, maybe doesn't crash your system.
  2. You should have seen links posted before or noticed that going to official download page you will be redirected to latest official stable Windows build: utorrent.com/downloads/complete/track/stable/os/win Latest beta you can get by replacing "stable" into "beta" in the same link: utorrent.com/downloads/complete/track/beta/os/win Sometimes stable link gives you newer version number than beta, so just download both and compare them by opening the installation screen or right click and select file properties and then look at version number in the details tab. There was also another link shared couple posts before, where you just replace version number in the link and then you can try your luck getting newer offline or online exe installation file.
  3. Help - F1 button and Streaming settings don't work in RC2. I selected higher values, pressed apply and ok but didn't work. I think RC1 maintained my settings fine.
  4. Win7 sp1 64bit with IE9, uT 32bit works fine but 64bit freezes up when I select app button. Dump: http://bit.ly/uthangs647
  5. When I select to show apps then utorrent freezes up and 1 min later it eats 151-160mb memory in working set. I created minidump with process explorer and smallest was 3829kb.
  6. reply to vanersargol > build 19014 is 2.0.0 and no changelog when only setup tweaks. Latest 2.0.1 build is 19078 because I got auto update popup.
  7. Firon wrote to upload zipped or rared file to mediafire.com then it goes faster to upload +download but would rar compress enough to compress 500mb.dmp below 200mb.rar? Is anyone getting this disk overload because some kind of new settings or with default ? I have Win7 32bit and I have no clue how other people get this, how far is fix for this anyway?
  8. 1. Download new torrent that has many files with build 18833. 2. Skip some files what are available with that one torrent 3. After a bit of downloading one file exit and install build 18888 4. While downloading your file with newer build keep looking at the log 5. You should be seeing that it tries to open up, create or something else with files that you wanted to skip and says access denied and then crashes up and offers to send crash file.
  9. To update to newer build when auto update fails you must download µTorrent manually and exit µTorrent before installing < if this also fails then uninstall and reinstall !!! Always look for more ways before posting these simple questions or try FAQ or IRC chat channel !
  10. Why is bt.transp_disposition set to 13 not 15 by default and why isn't Protocol Encryption > Outgoing set to Disabled not Enabled by default
  11. <- I can only suggest that disable QoS bandwidth limiter Go to Network Connections > Local Area Connection < Right Mouse click Properties > UnMark The box with QoS Packet Scheduler and give a reply if your log file still looks the same..
  12. There isn't build 13910!? Updating OS ensures you are uptodate and have fewer risk to get intruders or glitches <- Reply to user : Registered Every one blamed my firewall router with latest firmware from year 2005 with name TRENDnet TW100-BRF114 crashes because it's old and cheap and I have way to many max half open connections when actually it was a problem with uTorrent uT Version 1.9 (build 14659) and Beta Version 1.8.3 (build 14809) had uTP and MTU and other New features with wrong behavior and my Router just didn't like wrong packets Well now Version 1.9 (build 14908) works nicely with my router , uT 15 halfopen connections , OS XP halfopen connections set to 25 , 220global connections and bt.transposition 15 People with router still crashing with latest 1.9.0 beta build should lower down bt.transpostion to 13 or global connections to 100 or 150... Setting upload limits still don't work like they should , stable build 1.8 was working and showing limit's correctly without any need to change settings
  13. My router Freezes( Crashes )Up with latest alpha build of uTorrent sad <- afto unplug to get my internet back.. This happens in like 2-5minutes after I opened uTorrent with 5 files I dunno how to get enough data to get this uTorrents bug fixed.. I am using TRENDnet TW100-BRF114 <-I dunno why it can't handle the new packet sizes or something else made by uTorrent
  14. My router Freezes( Crashes )Up with latest alpha build of uTorrent <- afto unplug to get my internet back.. This happens in like 2-5minutes after I opened uTorrent with 5 files I dunno how to get enough data to get this uTorrents bug fixed.. I am using TRENDnet TW100-BRF114 <-I dunno why it can't handle the new packet sizes or something else made by uTorrent
  15. During upgrade without uninstalling old one the bt trans disposition stays 255 but should had changed to 15 ???
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