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  1. uTorrent 1.5.4 works fine under 10.7.0 Lion. No problems so far. Torrents download fast. Memory footprint is low. Port opens perfectly. No system lag. No freezes. Worth mentioning: I did a CLEAN INSTALL of Lion. Maybe that's why I have no problems.
  2. @Theron Regarding the Application Support folder and disk permissions. I've tried fixing the permissions with Disk Utility, rebooted and still the same problem. BUT, I've noticed something interesting!! Whenever I download the .torrent file, and adds it manually, the download goes to my Downloads-folder. If I use magnet-links, the download goes to Application Support folder instead!! Could you maybe look into that, and see if there is a bug in how uTorrent handles magnet links? I'm using kickasstorrents' magnet links, but it shouldn't matter.
  3. @Eligos + #Zadigre Yeah, I second that. All traces removed, including the settings.dat. Basically, every trace of the program is gone and reinstalled. Problems remain. Funny how this shit just randomly happens to users. Is it the hardware, or just other software installed that interferes somehow? Is it that maybe 10.6.7 screws something up for us, while the other people who has no problem are using older versions of 10.6? What does it? There has to be some explanation to it other than just pure voodoo.
  4. @zadigre Yes I even uninstalled the whole program using AppZapper, redownloaded the 1.5.2, and installed it. Same problem, even with "Downloads" set as default folder in uTorrent's settings. #Eligos has the same problem it seems.
  5. So does anyone else have a problem with uTorrent 1.5.2 storing all downloads in Application Support folder? I also have duplicate folders like these: "Bittorrent+download+(year)" and "Bittorrent download (year)" I hope this will be fixed in 1.5 stable
  6. 1.5.2 keeps saving all my downloads in uTorrents "Application Support" folder, even when the folder "Downloads" has been specified. Tried uninstalling uTorrent + remove all support files. No change. Bug?