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  1. Then it's NOT Build "438"... it's just named that way...
  2. I thought µTorrent 1.5 was Build 437...where did you get Build 438?
  3. 1c3d0g


    Awesome man. They look more "real" to me...
  4. 1c3d0g


    Well I like krazyson's suggestion...someone should make a set of those wavy flags, they look cool IMHO. :cool:
  5. Sumerah: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=4108
  6. Well fucking said, Primus. Enough! If people don't want to use µTorrent, GTFO! :/
  7. MakeMyDay: thanks. As Ultima said, it all depends on the amount of peers/seeds. If you think you're not getting the most out of your connection, feel free to modify your numbers, after all, they're customizeable for a reason. The mini-guide is just a "guide" to help you in the right direction...
  8. raski: awesome! Risbin74: yeah, unfortunately many people experienced trouble with DHT and have to turn it off. I'm starting to think something is bugged with it due to so many people complaining about time-outs, disconnects etc. :/
  9. CapnBry: that's very nice of you!
  10. Nah, I didn't really imply that you buy a new modem. I just meant that USB modems are very problematic with BitTorrent in general. You can check with your ISP if you can swap your USB modem with a "normal" (that works with the Ethernet cable), mine has both options on the same modem, and I use Ethernet...no problems at all. Make sure your motherboard has the necessary connections for it though.
  11. USB = problems with BitTorrent. Sorry. :/ Have you read the guide? It explains in detail how to calculate the most efficient settings for your upload/download (or just use the built-in Speed Guide). And your download speed is OK. I've got twice your download capacity yet I also get around the same (18-22 kB/s) speed from most torrents. Only on OOo torrents and other very well-seeded torrents do I get maxed out.
  12. Hofshi, that is very, very good news! I'm glad you've got your speed back. :cool:
  13. jult: and now you've quadruple-posted. Someone's going to be very mad...that's all I'm gonna say... :/
  14. That's a great idea, Shadek.
  15. 1c3d0g


    http://www.whois.sc/ ? :|
  16. If you see that you're not (temporarily) choking your network with multiple half-open attempts, then you can set it at 100. If, however, you ramp up slowly (due to connecting to few peers at once), you see frequent tracker time-outs (if you have a long list of torrents etc.), then you can set it higher.
  17. bugmenotplease: apparently you failed to see the big fat explanation on the front page of this website. Therefore, your conclusions have been based on false accusations and are inaccurate. I'll leave it at that. :/
  18. I don't need a history lesson, I'm quite aware, thanks.
  19. Try downloading the torrent again (with a different download manager)? It might be corrupted. :/
  20. Yeah, it's really a minor inconvenience though.
  21. I think Venimus told it as close to the truth as humanly possbile. Well done!
  22. It appears (to me) that Slyck likes to stirr controversy, or at least make things more sensational than they really are. :/ Did it really have to be worded that way? :| On the other hand, at least they're trying to soften the blow that the Peerfactor issue caused a week ago in that small news update...
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