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  1. This version works great! Everything that annoyed me was fixed great work! the cpu usage is better now tough on many active torrents its still high sometimes but I can live with it! Great job!
  2. The overhead is gone! thank you! However I do not understand why do i have 40k download on an already finished torrent! (upload rate was around 300k on that torrent) and sometimes my download skyrockets to 20 megabit (max) then in a splitsecond it goes back on idle. But overall the client eats less cpu, and transfer rates increased dramatically for me compared to the last version!
  3. I dont know what build was magnus33 talking about because the 13582 build has overhead not only me see it that way but then again I'm looking forward on trying the next one!
  4. Same here, i look forward to the fact of that annoying 20k upload overhead to get fixed. Maybe that applies for downolad too.
  5. Neronut I'm experiencing that issue too!!!
  6. The 13520 build instantly locked up for me with 100% cpu usage. I think something is about the new uTP protocol and with the 521 build I get cpu spikes. And even without that 50-70k that utorrent does not count as traffic somehow, it's far more better then the 1.81 version where I was totally limited to 10k upload.
  7. in 1.81 I was unable to get the uTP to work, my issues are with the newest beta 13521 build
  8. in my case now i see 92k down 280 k up in the client and my monitoring software tells that i have 140k down and 392k up !!! I'll check those things in settings tough I only checked this so far: bt.transp_disposition I had the net calc thing on false! by default now let"s see how that changes things Still I have a 50-70k difference between my monitoring app shows and what utorrent!
  9. I tested with only uTP on and problem was there with only TCP it's not but then I'm limited like hell and when I PAUSE all torrents the transfer goes on!!! it does not stop completely
  10. yes its 412 kbytes at top Yes but does not startd torrents automatically yes but I1m running torrents from private trackers so it is not used
  11. Maybe so but its impossible for that to cause what I said as a bug as it was no problem in the past versions 1.8x I think I1ll try to disable the uTP protocol and see if thats the problem or the bug is more serious. Update: it seems that now the speeds are right however it is also clear that whatever encryption is being used by utorrent it's NOT working!! my ISP still can limit me! I don't know how "Halite" client makers do their encryption but that WORKS (I think it has two modes plaintext and rc4 and it uses both but i don't know witch one of them are best as I red rc4 is better but uses more cpu), but the whole client is crap in usage. So the speed display bug is caused by the new protocol in utorrent that's for sure. And now I know that my ISP only limits TCP or maybe UTP but it does not have a clue about this new uTP (yet).
  12. By hokitojas I set 1000 global conns because i have tweaked tcpip.sys it was no problem in 1.81 rest is good I think.. I have 20/3 Mbit net
  13. I'm experiencing a strange thing with 13485 and 13521 build also.. I have a connection monitor application that monitors all my network activities and utorrent shows way lower down and upload rates! for example I see that my full upload bandwith is taken (400k) but utorrent shows 20-40k !!! in download it shows like half of the real thing in average, I did the client reset thing (deleted settings.dat then re config the client) so far I see that if the client does not detect its own traffic correctly then trackers will take that false result meaning that I1m uploading without any normal result! Please fix this issue! At these tests I had ONLY Utorrent running!