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  1. Well, there are software updates, so they are simply not responding to forum messages.
  2. And... All of my torrents are gone. Fortunately, I think I only had one. I would be extremely disgruntled if I had a lot. :SSSSSSSSS
  3. My computer got restarted at night due to a Windows update. In the morning, my screen showed a uTorrent Web notification about file associations. I let it re-apply the associations. Then it told me there is a critical update and that uTorrent Web will not work if I do not install it (or something similar, maybe will not work for long), I let it update. I got the uninstall wizard. Weird, but fine, maybe it will re-install itself. Nope, it did not. uTorrent Web decided to uninstall itself. (It kept itself in the start menu, but the shortcut leads to a non-existent path)