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  1. Just because it was not in the log before does not mean it did not exist. What uTorrent calls "Computer ID" is more or less essential to the function of the BitTorrent protocol.

    IIRC, it uniquely identifies your device in the swarm.

  2. I tried going back to v2.2.1 (just copying over the resume.dat file), and now everything that I had added in the newer version has to go through a hash check.

    That's a royal pain. Anyone know why this would be?

    My guess is that the resume.dat file was not compatible with an older version.

  3. I don't think any of us here expects a changelog and even if it was available it would have one.. maybe two bug fixes if you're lucky. A solid weeks work.

    Speak for yourself...

    I think EVERY release should have a change log. Listing those "one.. maybe two bug fixes" should be easy enough. Let's people know what to test' date=' or if the changes are even something worth the DL.[/quote']

    Seconded. I'm a huge proponent of detailed changelogs with every release.

    Not necessarily source diffs, where we see the actual code that changed (with uTorrent being closed-source, I doubt they would do that anyway), but summarize each change that was made. If it's just code refactoring, then they can say that and tell us what module it's in, but other than that, I'd like to know exactly what feature is being changed/updated/fixed/removed/etc. Even the "bad" features.

    I'm still using this client because it feels like the best one for my needs... even with the questionable stuff.

  4. Well' date=' X64 = x86 X2... so who knows... [/quote']

    Based on my own experience, X64 is more like the 32 bit X86 x 1.3...


    64-bit processor architecture is not inherently faster than x86/32-bit architecture. It merely takes advantage of 64-bit registers, which are necessary to address RAM when more than 4GB is present in the system and can also slightly improve large number calculations.

  5. pause button removed in utorrent 3.4 alpha build 29741

    --2013-03-12: Version 3.4 (build 29315)

    - Change: removed pause-button from toolbar (it's still in the context menu if you need it)

    Consider this post a request to reinstate the button before this branch moves to release stage.

  6. I noticed after installing µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29126) that 'Local Peer Discovery' was UNchecked, or 'turned off'. Is there an important reason for that? Is there something I need to know there?

    Just to make sure you're aware of the setting's function, "Local Peer Discovery" checks for peers on your local network, i.e., your own private IP range. Is this what you are looking for?

  7. oh' date=' what about RegKey error?[/quote']

    No idea, what action was it that created the error log entry?

    It was mentioned earlier that the error is due to uTorrent attempting to delete the "Start uTorrent with Windows" registry key when it does not exist.

  8. Um. Your screenshot is of a single-file torrent...

    Correct' date=' the screenshot is just to show what window I mean. The issue I mentioned is really there, try for yourself.[/quote']

    Generally, when providing a screenshot, you are supposed to include an image demonstrating the issue.

    The developers know what the Add Torrent dialog is.