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  1. That's just bad networking. You should NEVER use the "localhost" hostname for ANYTHING other than Btw, unless uTorrent were specifically configured to look for a hostname called "localhost" when resolving, that's not something you can really catch dynamically, since the IP address itself is reporting "localhost" as its hostname (as per the PTR records).
  2. I noticed a minor graphics bug in the options window. It goes away when you hover over/click on the input box:
  3. Ah, yes. That's what I was thinking of. Thanks for the memory refresh!
  4. IIRC, all uTorrent did was attempt to use the Windows write cache properly, but the problem is on Windows end. (It's been a while since I looked into this though, as I don't have the problem.)
  5. I find it funny how I still get full bandwidth utilization on well-seeded torrents with good trackers (i.e., *nix distros) even with uTP and net.calc_overhead turned on, and decent speeds (~200 - 600kB/s on average) on other torrents. Are all you naysayers implying I'm going insane and am not actually downloading at 1200kB/s (10Mbit)?
  6. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I just noticed that the "torrent state" (seeding/downloading/stopped) icons in the Name field have white backgrounds as opposed to transparent ones. I don't know if this is intentional, or if transparency can even be done for the icons. Edit: Okay, that's not EXACTLY correct, as the gray shows behind the icons when you click the Name header to sort, but when Name is not chosen for sorting, the light gray background for alternating rows does not show through the icons.
  7. @sim21: That means you were not able to connect to the last tracker that uTorrent tried. Check each tracker on each torrent, and if NONE of them have connected, then troubleshoot your internet connection. It's not necessarily a problem with uTorrent.
  8. Yes. uTorrent/BitTorrent, Inc. don't charge for this software or the site. Edit: They do charge for the USB product, but I don't think you're talking about that.
  9. Teredo is not installed by uTorrent. It's part of Windows. uTorrent merely makes use of it.
  10. It seems a bit misleading to say that 2.0.x "favors" users of the same version. It simply has (and defaults to) features that didn't exist previously, but still has no problem connecting to other clients.
  11. Use pretty much any port you want. Port does not directly affect speed. Some say that certain port ranges are less likely to be subjected to traffic shaping by ISPs, but I don't put too much stock in that.
  12. I think it's supposed to be a "D" for Download. (Or it could be "O" for Outbound connections.)
  13. So in short... unless there's a specific reason to separate them (my guess would be private trackers?), keep them in the same tier?
  14. Should ALL trackers be in a single tier? I was under the impression that trackers on different namespaces (domains) should be in separate tiers.
  15. @xaxax: I believe that MediaFire allows uploads of 200MB now.
  16. @alex14san: The Internet pretty much requires that the two end-points of a connection tell each other their IP address.
  17. Hopefully they'll post the changelog soon.
  18. Wrong thread, wrong forum, wrong website.
  19. That's a rather silly attitude. If a new feature is ready before a fix for a given bug has been found, why should that one bug hold everything else back?
  20. 2 (uTP Out) + 8 (uTP In) + 16 (2.0+ Header) = 26
  21. You REALLY should leave net.max_halfopen at the default value.
  22. If I'm understanding the option properly... uTorrent still shows the same total bandwidth used regardless of the setting. However, if you turn it on, uTorrent attempts to calculate what portion of that usage is protocol overhead and separates that from actual data transfer.
  23. I only see the one graph, which appears to function the same as RC3.
  24. I know what color cyan is. My point was that it is nowhere close to magenta.