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  1. @rafi: Not critical, but you named magenta "cyan" in your post earlier.
  2. Um... there is a reason given there: That's a Windows socket error.
  3. I've reported this issue before, but I can't figure out how to get any useful information about it.
  4. You could just use the RCs until then, too. There's not exactly something magical that happens between RCs and final releases, just bugfixes.
  5. They've never been visible in the dialog that comes up. Did you click the Advanced button?
  6. Rafi, Firon JUST said that the functionality you are looking for is still bugged, so they rolled back to the old throttling method (where it limits transfer speeds, but does not take into account protocol overhead).
  7. Paris, Athens, Amsterdam #1, Los Angeles, Mountain View, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, both New York, and Dallas test locations are not connecting (or at least not accepting connections from my IP). I have no IP blocking software activated, and my only firewall is on my router. To my knowledge, that is not blocking those connections either. The exact error for all locations is "Connection failed error: A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied. (10057)"
  8. I just read over some of his previous posts... On the off-chance this guy can get back on to at least read posts: BitTorrent was not designed to be used in the manner you are intending. Please stop trying to break/subvert the standard/protocol. It makes people who want wider acceptance of Peer-to-peer distribution sad (like me). =(
  9. Out of curiosity, is the list of software uTorrent checks for available?
  10. This isn't really a support thread.
  12. Honestly, the best thing would be to convince your private tracker to unban 2.0. It works just fine except for a minor HTTPS bug that exists in 1.8.x anyway. Edit: Oops, I missed that. I haven't been following that line too closely. :/
  13. You can enable uTP in 1.8.x, as well. It's just not on by default and doesn't have all the "tweaks" to it in the 2.0 builds.
  14. Onboard wired Ethernet; router is a Linksys WRT54G v2.2 running Tomato firmware v1.25. Hijackthis log:
  15. I'm still getting random program lockups, where it starts using 50% of CPU (according to Task Manager) and it "locks out" my networking (i.e., no other application can access the Internet) until I kill the process. No crash log is ever generated, nor does uTorrent recognize that it's crashing; it just locks up. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help eliminate this? As far as I know, it does not happen with 1.8.5, but I haven't left that version installed long enough at a time to see. With 2.0, this happens randomly: Sometimes multiple times within an hour, other times not at all for days of consecutive running.
  16. They're in the same forum as this thread.
  17. Please tell me this is a troll... >_> The usual course of action would be to contact your ISP and ask for one.
  18. More often then not, that's because of the peers you're connecting to.
  19. Nothing wrong with upload speeds over here.
  20. Torrent data columns were reset to defaults, overriding my custom setup. Was this intentional?
  21. I've got a kind of a weird issue, but I'm not really sure what I can do with it. Using build 16666 and it did not occur before. I keep uTorrent minimized to the system tray except when I need to add or delete a torrent. I've noticed lately that after running for a certain amount of time (I have absolutely no idea how long), the program "races", i.e., it locks up (cannot restore from systray) and uses ~50% processor time. I do notice that my CPU fan is going pretty steadily when this happens. Since I am unable to restore the application, I have to kill the process and reload, whereupon it works just fine (until it happens again, of course). Since I have to kill the process through Windows, there is no dump to submit. I use Windows XP Professional, SP3. I'm not exactly sure else to provide on this particular issue. Any suggestions?
  22. Have the tracker bugs been identified yet, or do you still need a list of trackers that aren't playing nice along with the errors?
  23. I would like to report that the speed test results did give me settings in line to my actual line speed.