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  1. jknoll No i have not any proxy's or NAT, my ISP is AKADO and i try use different DNS servers..... Thanks i fix my problem I use GreadyTorrent (because i have download 50 000 / upload 2 000) and when i am disable him, everything work normal Pls add to the post that FALCON dont work with GreadyTorrent or plz fix it
  2. After apply redirect to
  3. But i have invite and i register 1 more name and get error
  4. jknoll, i see it when i click "Register" in uTorrent.... same....
  5. i set bt.tcp_rate_control to FALSE and it is solve my problem thx
  6. fowl, i have the same problem on Win 7
  7. Hi i have some problem, when new uTorrent work i have big problem with DNS, i use OpenDNS, and what avout plugins ?
  8. limit for upload spid doesn't work , plz fix it
  9. maby uTorrent 1.9 can support Windows 7 Super Bar ?
  10. moogly ок, but why utorrent cant support plugin ?, if developer open SDK for world)
  11. If we talk about plugins, it would be good if utorrent have chat , what you think about this ?
  12. alus no this didn take any effect