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      On June 6th, 2016, BitTorrent was made aware of a security issue involving the vendor which powers our forums.
      The vulnerability appears to have been through one of the vendor’s other clients, however it allowed attackers to access some information on other accounts. As a result, attackers were able to download a list of our forum users. We are investigating further to learn if any other information was accessed.Our vendor has made backend changes so that the hashes in the file do not appear to be a usable attack vector. As a precaution, we are advising our users to change their passwords. While the passwords may not be used as a vector on the forums, those hashed passwords should be considered compromised. Anyone using the same password for forums as well as other places is strongly advised to update their passwords and/or practice good personal security practices.


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  1. I'm proposing to back up the settings.dat and rss.dat files. Would those two files cover the following items: uTorrent Settings RSS Feeds RSS Downloader Settings RSS Downloader Status (i.e. which shows have already been downloaded)
  2. The Help Centre article on backing up uTorrent settings indicates that you should back up the entire %AppData%\uTorrent folder. All I care about is: uTorrent Settings, RSS Feeds, RSS Downloader Settings, RSS Downloader Status (i.e. which shows have already been downloaded). Given that, can I simply back up the rss.dat and settings.dat files?
  3. I have a few RSS feeds that won't download automatically no matter what settings I use. An example of one such feed is below. The feed populates fine in uTorrent (i.e. the episodes appear when I click the feed under the "Feeds" section) but they won't download automatically. Any suggestions on what I might try to get them to download? http://extratorrent.cc/rss.xml?type=search&cid=8&search=colbert+720p
  4. Determined that the issue was indeed with Socks5 proxy - reached out to my provider and they're having some known issues atm. Thanks for the hint DreadWingKnight!
  5. The issue seems to have resolved itself. I'm able to connect again as of this morning.
  6. Thanks for the reply DreadWingKnight. Yes, I'm using a Socks5 proxy. That isn't new though - I've been using the proxy for quite a while now.
  7. Are there any known issues with uTorrent Remote (https://remote.utorrent.com) currently? I haven't made any changes to uTorrent but, as of this weekend, I'm not able to connect - it keeps displaying a "400: Client is not connected" message. I tried rebooting the computer running uTorrent and made sure that uTorrent was running but I'm still not able to connect. If there's anything else I can try to determine what the issue is, I'm happy to do that.
  8. It would be great if the RSS feeds were sorted alphabetically (or could be manually sorted via dragging similar to RSS Downloader entries). I've read a number of posts saying that some people do this by editing the rss.dat file using BEncode but it would be easier if this could be done through the GUI. For example, my RSS feed list has ~30 entries and I add new ones on a regular basis so not having them sorted makes it difficult to quickly find a particular feed and editing using BEncode would mean that I'd have to do that every time I added a new entry.