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  1. what about version 6 of the wrt54g, i had to buy a new one, as i bricked my last one. Anyone have any experience with this version?
  2. i apologize if this has been covered before, but does anyone have a recommendation on lazy.bitfield with PEX? Should i leave lazy.bitfield to true? Do any combinations have an adverse effect? Thanks
  3. thanks, seemed to have helped edit: nm, still fails, but whatever
  4. "Feature: Determine the values to show in the speed popup list automatically." great feature
  5. good looks on everything, has helped me a lot.
  6. question about encryption. If you have it disabled, and then enable it, will a restart of utorrent trigger it, or do i have to remove the whole torrent and import it again (so it checks etc). Just wondering, thanks.
  7. jroc, i am having the same problem most are having with rcn. Downloads are fine, but when they finish, the upload is capped to nothing (when downloading, it seeds fine). Just wondering if you had any changes or improvements you would like to share. The 9000 ports dont seem to be working. I've been reading here, trying to keep up on the situation. hxxp://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,14997671 pretty long, but some interesting info from people who work for rcn, start around page 11.