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  1. zanshin777

    The Black Screen Problem

    However It doesn't happen when utorrent is off.
  2. zanshin777

    The Black Screen Problem

    I leave my computer whilst uTorrent is running and downloading then when I'm back I see the computer is on but the screen is black like it's shut down. When It happens; + The screen is full of black + The lights of the computer is on. + The computer does not response any of the button of the keyboard. (any sound or etc.) + I can not reach my computer with TeamViewer. I regularly work on my computer hours. I definitely didn't come across this problem when I'm on my computer. The problem occurs when I'm away. + Is there anybody who come across the same problem? + What's the problem? + How to fix it?
  3. zanshin777

    Downloading Speed CHanges When I Stop Other Files

    As far as I understand from what you've said; The files come from the same resource and the resource has an upload speed potential. This potential is shared among those files. When I stop the other files I use that potential just for that single file so the downloading speed increases. The downloading speed is let's say 300 kB/s when a, b, c, d files are downloading. Howerver when I stopped the other files the downloading speed is 600 kB/s so It's beyond the upload potential of that resource. a + b + c + d = 300 However when I stopped the other files a = 600 kB/s (not 300) ??
  4. Options - Preferences - Queueing - Queue Settings 1) a) Maximum number of active downloads (upload or download) = 15 b ) Maximum number of active downloads = 8 There are 50 files in the uTorrent download list. Only 7 of them are being downloaded (with small speeds 0.5 kB/s to 10 kB/s). But one of them is beind downloaded with the speed of 300 kB/s The rest of the files are not stopped. When I stop all of them the one which is being downloaded with the speed of 300 kB/s, the speed of this file icreases to 700 kB/s. My internet speed from ISS is 8 Mbit. The downloading speed increases drastically when I stop other files which are being downloaded with very low speeds in the list. Why does this file isn't being downloaded with the speed of 400 to 600 whilst rest of the files aren't stopped? (still continue downloading) Why? and How to fix it? 2) Sometimes vice versa happens. When I stop other files the download speed of a specific file decreases drastically. Why? and How to fix it?
  5. My Internet Speed from ISS is 8 Mbit. I'm downloading a specific file with the speed of 258 kB/s. (There is no another download at the moment.) It can goes 800 kB/s potentially. (I have 8 Mbit Package from ISS) Let's say I change my Internet Package to the one with better speed (16 Mbit, 30 Mbit etc.) do this specific file which is downloading the speed 258 kB/s speed up?