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  1. I was going crazy about this for a long time, I even tried to go back to azureus because of this, but it happened again. The only way I had was to completly reinstall the client with no torrents, wich made me lose all my ratio, but after sometime it was back. finally one day found someone with the same problem in a forum through google and he knew the answer I was already suspicious about Smart Security for sometime, still the search was long. It's a very good program, unfortunately, being all automatic can make some problems (I know there is the interactive mode). I had a big problem too with smart security and Visual Studio. Wich needed a cross too for web service testing.
  2. You may have come across an issue with smart security and torrents. Try going, in smart security, to Setup-->Entire Advanced setup tree-->AV & Antispyware-->Web Access Protection--->Web Browsers Find utorrent in the list a put a cross(x) on it. This can happen with any torrent client and you may use it without the cross for a long time with no problems, and suddenly it happens. Maybe this alpha just gets it to happen faster. Doing this will never happen again. Hope this is really your problem.