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  1. Need to move unfinished torrents from PC to MAC

    I hope though the comment you made help the op.
  2. Need to move unfinished torrents from PC to MAC

    Alright. Not helping though but thanks!
  3. Adding multiple torrents

    Alright. Let any senior member comment and help you.
  4. Speed Problem

    Thanks for strongly directing to that thread.
  5. Hi, I couldn't find any thread related to movies where I could ask for its torrents? I don't want spamming here. I just want to ask if there is any section please direct me towards it. Thanks Ben
  6. Adding multiple torrents

    Isn't it already there? I mean I could add multiple torrents on my utorrent downloader and can definitely visit the downloaded content in a folder location? Or is it something I am totally not getting?
  7. Need to move unfinished torrents from PC to MAC

    Transferring torrents from PC to MAC? Never done this.
  8. Maximum torrents in client?

    No problem
  9. Is uTorrent for Mac dead ?

    I'd love to see em too. But unfortunately we can't. Coz they don't lol
  10. Is uTorrent for Mac dead ?

    There are no reasons. The patchnotes only talks about the software updates and gives no other reasons.
  11. Is uTorrent for Mac dead ?

    It is.
  12. Maximum torrents in client?

    On mobile I guess 23 is the limit but on pc it is unlimited.
  13. Is μTorrent for Linux abandoned?

    Yup, saw it on MAC, it is running very slow. A friend of mine has a MAC air and he can't download anything on uTorrent. He directly downloads it on his s7 and then mirror it on his tv. Too much hardwork though