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      On June 6th, 2016, BitTorrent was made aware of a security issue involving the vendor which powers our forums.
      The vulnerability appears to have been through one of the vendor’s other clients, however it allowed attackers to access some information on other accounts. As a result, attackers were able to download a list of our forum users. We are investigating further to learn if any other information was accessed.Our vendor has made backend changes so that the hashes in the file do not appear to be a usable attack vector. As a precaution, we are advising our users to change their passwords. While the passwords may not be used as a vector on the forums, those hashed passwords should be considered compromised. Anyone using the same password for forums as well as other places is strongly advised to update their passwords and/or practice good personal security practices.


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  1. It is.
  2. On mobile I guess 23 is the limit but on pc it is unlimited.
  3. Yup, saw it on MAC, it is running very slow. A friend of mine has a MAC air and he can't download anything on uTorrent. He directly downloads it on his s7 and then mirror it on his tv. Too much hardwork though
  4. And yeah, some of the anti-virus won't scan the malware or virus until the product is fully updated and their virus definitions are also updated. So update whatever security product you are using and then run a scan.
  5. Might be. Run a complete scan to know if you are infected or not.
  6. Yes man ransomwares are always crawling. One should be protected always. I heard a lot of offices went through hell due to this moronic cyber attack!
  7. Yup, I used to visit Extra Torrent for my movies. Unfortunately they decided to shut it down permanently. However, I was reading a lot of blogs regarding possible alternatives and came across quite a list to be frank. I don't think closing down 1 torrent hosting service will effect the torrent downloaders. They are many options. Some of the them are quoted in the above comments too. <munched by admin, do NOT link content>
  8. Seeders give life to torrents. More the seeders, more healthy a torrent is. People who are downloading the torrents are leeches. The file you're downloading have more leeches than seeders. In simple words. Once a torrent is downloaded, don't delete it from your torrent browser. Keep it for seeding.
  9. Haha, why would I defend my ISP? I am paying them and in return I want max speed all the time! The thing that I mentioned earlier is, some torrents are having this issue, not all of them. And I haven't used slackshare as yet. Will definitely post a screenshot now! Could be, not sure. This is what they told me when I asked them.
  10. I need to change my OS then. I have tried everything and I have also talked to my ISP but they are claiming they do not interfere while a client is using torrents this is against there policy. They can't throttle. Because I have noticed a lot of torrents download easily and quickly except a few ones. So I can't blame any one here. Lets see if I use Win10, may changing my OS & highly firewalled security system can resolve the issue.
  11. Oh thank you!
  12. Yes I know this. I only quoted my connection speed because I saw on other threads people were accusing ISPs and bandwidth speed for torrent downloading issue.
  13. @sarahgad my bad for mistakenly taking your point on Internet connection. What you said was about Internet security. Sorry!
  14. I believe the issue was with security essentials because I have now changed my OS and I am using Win10 now with Esset security product and this issue has just disappeared. My connection had no problem @sarahgad its a 50mb connection and I was torrenting at 5mbps download. Connection was never a issue, I agree with @DreadWingKnight, it was the security product that was hampering my downloads.
  15. I was only using Windows Security Essential on my pc :/