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  1. Hold the phone... What if you crossed BSH's bee sensibility (or Shrill's) w/ Vixenfinder's cigar-smokin' toughguy? Tiny, tough...sort of SNL Killer Bees vibe (but not TOO much and without the sombreros)...killer bee/killer app...
  2. Ah,'s that lesser known Norseman, Eric the Green.
  3. HA! "Some Sort of Slogan" ...y'know...that should BE the slogan.
  4. Wow, I love the "you are here" tag. As long as dues are paid to "µ" as "micro-" (and in this case they are ("µTorrent" at the top). I think the subtle "Yoµ are here" works better than the in-your-face "YOµ."
  5. Agree that the cat's head is too reminiscent of Napster with the round stylized sensibility. Agree with BSH regarding the Tribal Guy's bionic looks like he's taking a pic with a Kodak instamatic camera. I also think NinjaCat is better than NinjaGuy for this reason: it's cuter. Don't laugh. Powerful, reliable, fast, etc. are all fine. But call it personality, call it character or call it whimsy, in both the Pygmy and NinjaCat the cuteness factor translates to "accessibility." They both invite you to get closer. The more technical logos (µ's, microscopes, impressionist torrents) are all, by their nature, more technical, colder. They tend to alienate rather than draw you in. In fact, my note to BSH would be "cuter." The tip on the tail he mentioned, whiskers, more paw-like feet, maybe one claw extended... I really love the NinjaCat though Pygmy's size in relation to his spear as well as his oversized feet give you the sense of smallness. That's nice for this program. How could we see scale for NinjaKitty? And would a "µ" on the forehead or chest be too super-heroish? Wait, a headband with a "µ" where the Rising Sun would be... very Ralph Macchio in "Karate Kid"...but if the cat's wearing a hood why would he need a headband?...and can a cat really control a throwing star given that he has no opposable thumbs? Okay, I appear to have lost my mind.
  6. NinjaCat rocks! One niggling little question, though. The Cat is blue, correct? We see that through the eyeholes of his ninja mask and we also see his blue tail peeking out of his ninja pajamas. At the risk of picking nits...I don't get the blue fingers. Not that there has to BE any real-world equivalency... xxxLesy: One "l" in "powerful." And regarding the tribal me the (overtly) mechanical element makes him look like a photographer. Am I alone?
  7. "Bland and characterless"? That's what everyone thinks about hummingbirds until THEY'RE ATTACKED BY A FLOCK OF THE AFRICANIZED KILLER VARIETY!! Bastards are smart, too. About 1,000 of them held me down while one stole my wallet. Used my platinum card to buy new snow tires for his turbo Saab. No, but serially... I'd like to see someone suggest a hummingbird with the digital equivalent of just a few brushstrokes. Rough, sorta like the Lucent red "O." A stroke for the body, another for the proboscis, a few more suggesting the flutter of wings and a splotch of vivid red (or green?) where the throat would be. There. I've done all the HARD work... edited for typos
  8. I kinda sparked to the tribal guy, too, strictly due to the personality of the thing. Still...The hummingbird seems really apt. I'd love to see that executed by one of you guys wit' skillz. Maybe that ruby-throated one for color...
  9. I really like Boo's idea. It references the small footprint plus it's sorta stealthy and demonstrates a sense of humor. I thought two prints might sell the concept better: