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  1. Thank you very much, @DreadWingKnight. You were right. I've updated my network adapter driver (http://pasteboard.co/5GV7Bc7bw.png) and I have not experienced any issues since then. I completely neglected the driver for my network adapter. I torrented some more to test it out and so far no disconnections. If the problem comes back, I'll probably make another thread since this one can get closed I think.
  2. I also made a video showing 2 torrents: one that works with no problem(0:00 - 1:02) and another that disconnects my Internet (1:03 - 1:49). Here's the link:
  3. Only Windows Firewall (and I have the exceptions for uTorrent). I have Avast but the Firewall is not active. It reaches max speed as soon as possible (<1-2 seconds). When it disconnects my Internet it varies when the speed starts going down. Sometimes at the beginning, sometimes later. The speed goes down 1-2 MB/s per second. At first I thought it was about speed, but some torrents start disconnecting my Internet when they reach 20 MB/s. Some stay at 25-30 MB/s without any problem. Also, I had some occurrences when I would leave uTorrent to seed without downloading anything and my Internet would still disconnect.
  4. For some torrents, not all, uTorrent disconnects my Internet connection. When it happens, it usually goes like this: the torrent reaches high speeds like it should (25-100 MB/s), but then the speed quickly drops to 0 and I have to connect back. I am connected directly to my ONT so it's not a router problem. It's a 1 Gb/s PPPoE connection. It reaches high speeds again, downloads another 5-10% of the torrent (depending on it's size), drops again and I have to connect back. It's annoying when it happens. I said it's not likely an ISP throttle because my ISP is known for not throttling. On Glasnost's site all percentages of traffic shaped is 0. Even if we ignore my ISP's reputation and Glasnost's results, the way my torrent reaches high speeds every time and only sometimes it disconnects my internet connection (and even then when I connect back it goes right back to max speed), I can assume it's not my ISP. I am running on Windows 10. Also, I tried limiting my speed and number of connections and still sometimes uTorrent decides to disconnect. I also tried BitTorrent, still same.