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  1. Currently running 3.2.3 #28705 and "check for updates" says "there's no new version at this time". Is that intentional?
  2. Is there any way to tune convertion priority? Build 26462.
  3. 25277 hangs repeatedly even after reboot for unknown (yet) reason.
  4. Client is continuing to ask me security questions i didn't set him to do! I don't like it.
  5. 25252: blind selection string, blinks... Weird. BTW, is there any way to turn self-banning logs off?
  6. Were left-side torrent icons (missing) already mentioned?
  7. I barely able to. I've got this structure: downloads\mydir\1, where I'll put files of my multifile torrent from site one. Done. I want to seed same multifile torrent from another site, but one file has another hash, so I'll put it in downloads\mydir. Re-check is done, file is downloaded, I want to redownload second torrent just to be shure ratio will be counted for all multifile torrent and not for just this file. So i've downloaded .torrent from second site, pointed to downloads\mydir\1, trying to relocate file mentioned abode to downloads\mydir - no luck! The only way is to backup file from downloads\mydir, relocate it (file will be moved from downloads\mydir\1), return moved file back to downloads\mydir\1 and restore file back to downloads\mydir. What's the point of such behaviour? Sorry if I blow your mind with my terrible english.
  8. Please return old relocate functionality back! Now I unable to seed almost identical multi-file torrents (identical files are located in one directory and different files are located in different directories).
  9. osmosis, it's from first post, confirmed.
  10. fowl, uninstall one, reinstall second.
  11. ravirainbow, use Windows scheduler, for example.
  12. Feyer, why not 1.8.5? 2.1 is alpha, 2.0 is beta, 1.8.5 is stable.