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  1. Hi - I pause the torrent immediately after it registers (while it's still searching for peers but file list is available) + then go and do 'Don't download' on the files I don't want (at this point 0% downloaded) - and then go and start the torrent again from uTorrent. This problem has happened on every torrent I've tried to do this with since getting the new update (noticed it maybe 5 times) - so it's definitely not specific to a particular torrent. It's definitely only being happening with latest uTorrent build 43580 x32 (running on Windows 10 64 bit) - I do this quite often for packs where I need to only grab some files - never remember it not working before now. The torrent site is private so I can't post the link here.
  2. Hi - Just wanted to report a bug on latest uT version (Build 43580/x32 bit Windows). The functionality relating to marking files within a torrent to be downloaded/skipped seems to be completely broken in new release (has always worked well in the past). If I mark all files to 'don't download' and then re-enable some of them via the Priority menu it basically ignores my selections and downloads a different set of files to what was selected. I've tried stopping/starting torrent and this doesn't help. As per included screenshot - the 'priority' column is correctly showing what selections I made - however the %/Done/etc columns show that the 'skipped' files are being downloaded anyhow (and other files marked as 'normal' aren't being downloaded). I hope this can be fixed ASAP - not sure if I need to downgrade to old release now. thanks CM