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  1. Logger Tab missing it's a bug, can/has this been reported? If I need to do something else let me know Thx!
  2. Logger Tab missing

    Found the problem, it's my multi-monitor setup. Primary Monitor is 1. Usual utorrent monitor is 3 Menu works on displays 1 and 2 (all positive absolute pixel x/y coordinates). Doesn't work on any other display (where either x or y absolute coordinates contain a negative number): 3, 4, 5, 6
  3. Logger Tab missing

    Ok, I uninstalled utorrent, initialized from scratch. Menu now appears. Started manually resetting options, at some point the menu stopped working again. Re-deleted preferences and started a 3rd time trying to find out what step I did that made the menu stop appearing. Now can't get it to stop showing the menu :/ I have a backup of settings.dat where it's not working if that's any help if you want to keep troubleshooting. If I can break it again and replicate the steps I'll post again.
  4. Logger Tab missing

    Tried right-clicking all tabs no result. Chose Log Traffic to Logger Tab. Then tried right-clicking tabs, still no appearing tab. Is there an option that needs to be enabled?
  5. Logger Tab missing

    Been trying to find the logger tab, has it been removed? I see references to it in the docs but can't find it.