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  1. Thanks a lot. I believe the fake idea is behind the posts because it is hard to conceive how a torrent can be downloaded at an exponential speed and it abruptly stops just before a few seconds its completion then it remains inactive for more months without any more seeder to complete the remaining infenitesimal part! Indeed the problem is not with uTorrent.
  2. thanks a lot. Any suggestion on how to increase it? Could 'problem to scan file' error (under Files->scanned) be the cause and if yes, how to solve it? I've also updated trackers but in vain
  3. they are as follow: 0.945 (since last week) 0.985 (for six days) 0.824 (for 2 days) 0.234 (since last week)
  4. Hi everyone. I have realized some of my downloads are starting and progressing quickly but when they are about to get completed, say once only less than 5% is remaining, they stop. The problem is that I have spent days trying updating peers which seem to be working well but no completion yet uploading on the same torrent work. Could anyone help? Thanks a lot.