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  1. Thanks man! It works! Sucha simple solution haha. I tried other external storage such as USB stick but no luck with that too. There has to be a sub directory in order to work.
  2. Yes, it works ok on a system ssd but it has to work on an external hdd.
  3. Hi guys, so i've got this annoying issue with utorrent being unable to add a torrent from a magnet link. uTorrent targets the downloads on a usb external hdd. I checked the access rights on the hdd and its checked as write & read. This issues occured after the Mac OS system upgrade (mac os 10.13.1). uTorrent is Version 1.8.7 (42417). Torrent downloading works fine, If i download and open the torrent though. Would anyone have an idea how to solve this issue? Cheers, Nino