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  1. Some very quick testing is showing that https rss is working again in 17414 Thanks!
  2. Ok thanks, I didn't find that thread. It's a shame that it's not optional because it was really more useful the other way around
  3. Sorry, this is from 1.8.4 but that topic is locked now so I hope I'm not out of place to post here. What was the reason for this change? I really preferred the way it sorted previously, is it possible this could be optional? Cheers
  4. I'm not surprised the network is busy; I'm surprised that exclusively https requests are timing out since updating to 1.8.5 and doing it consistently (also for other people). Nothing is force started and I have pretty conservative settings (max 6 active torrents, 20 cons per torrent) =D
  5. I have >2000 seeding torrents and I get timeouts on all my rss feeds which use https.. I turned on error and verbose logging for rss and just see [2009-11-14 00:15:35] RSS: Unable to download "[2009-11-15 02:09:48] RSS: Unable to download "Shortname|": The operation timed out :/