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  1. seeds/peers

    thank you Mr.Cjard for helping me i will be wait for leech wish someone come and start peering, b/c my some movie file still in leeching for last 6 months but till now no one leech anyway thank you. I will be for it
  2. seeds/peers

    i'm stuck at 95%, 75% and so on. means most of the download file is stuck withing 70%-99.9%. its seeds/peers show 0.000. I downloaded from and started download but after certain time it show 0.000 and stop seeding/peering at 75% some are 82.2% and some are at 99.9%. my net connection is pretty fast but it can't complete the file. it is really pretty frustrating and irritating, that it stuck at 75% and some are at 99%. Do anyone know how to do manually setting or troubleshooting that i can complete my download file to 100% complete