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  1. New upload dont seed

    So anybody can help me with this?
  2. New upload dont seed

    No, it dint. Some more info, when both computers connected to one wifi router it works fine.
  3. New upload dont seed

    that is why i tried it on my second computer with another internet connection same result I see that in faq advised program https://portforward.com/ and when i used it with closed utorrent aplication it get that my 41554 port is closed. So is it wrong? But i used anather program PortMapper it shows that when utorrent is closed there are no fowardigs but when i start utorrent forwarding appers. I'm not a good at this thing, tell me please how to configurate it, may be is it possible to get some logs to clear the situation?
  4. New upload dont seed

    English i not my first language,what i need to do is send files to my friend, so i made torrent file, send it to friend, my torrent is open and it said that it seeds, but my friend cant download it because cant connect to me.
  5. New upload dont seed

    I created torrent file, for the test i try to download it from my laptop with another internet conection, but it cant find seeds. I ckecked port mapping and firewall. I have a router for internet connection. So how what could it be? At the same time another torrents that i downloaded are seeding with no problems.