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  1. Thank you for your answer, but I cant agree. There is something wrong. Only I don't know what. There is something wrong. I do not say its fault of utorrent program, only the fault is visible when Im busy with this program. It may be something with the internet provider. I don't know. I am not really that online/technical. I am not sure what that is but if my ratio falls down I cant download from one of this sources anymore. I just don't know what to do.
  2. Hi, I'm asking you help. I'm pretty desperate; For almost 3-4 months I cant upload/seed nothing. I can download but directly after download the utorrent turns off to a inactivate mode. See below, I copied the description from an another member, I have almost the same problem: "Hi, I have started a new post as I haven't been able to find any actual answers to the problem although seems as though its happening a fair amount. All of a sudden the other day my torrents turned "red" and weren't seeding. Since this occured, I haven't been able to seed a thing. All it says under trackers is name Access working DHT Not Allowed Local Peer Discovery Not Allowed Peer Exchange Not Allowed They are all active, live torrents with thousands of seeders." Administrator DreadWingKnight answered this question: "The tracker status of the actual tracker is relevant here because you're likely dealing with a ratio enforcement site. If you stop ALL your torrents and only download one or two from do you get activity?" Ok, I did this. Now it says everything is working, but still: its in the inactive mode and it doesn't seed. Please, who knows whats wrong with my utorrent?