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  1. Certificate trouble

    It did. Thanks.
  2. Certificate trouble

    Avira always finding hidden objects in registery. Avast has a problem with VT-d
  3. Certificate trouble

    mike20021969, I mean. What is that? I've never seen it before
  4. Certificate trouble

    What is this on uTorrent logo. Who has the same? Clicking on link me to www_battleforthenet_com.
  5. Certificate trouble

    So where can I load this I couldn't find it on site.
  6. Certificate trouble

    Tnx. I'll keep trying.
  7. Certificate trouble

    I‘m using Windows 7. Tnx. About A/V. I used to employ Avira and Avast. Now I've been discovering KAS so far. I know its heuristic analysis may cause false detection, but it had been made for our security. I'll be looking forward to fix certification issue.
  8. Certificate trouble

    Is it safe to install it? What kind of that Incient and Amazon Sertificate?
  9. Certificate trouble

    Hello. I'm trying to install the latest version of utorrent (3.5.1 build 44332), but Kaspersky Antivirus won't allow to finish instalation because of: So what is this? I couldn't install uTorrent. Sorry