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  1. Can I seed after compressing file

    I was wondering if I download a torrent then compress it would the file still seed. Also if I add a compressed file as torrent would it open correctly and easily.
  2. keep getting error message

    Oh I deleted a lot of stuff off my hard drive-mainly torrents. I am trying to get my torrents to move into separate files by type of torrent (music, movie, game , etc) that are labeled by what subtype of torrent it is (Sci-Fi-, horror, etc) and still be able to seed. Or at least as close as possible. I am tired of spending several minutes looking for a specific torrent and there area a ton.
  3. keep getting error message

    I simplified it. Tell me what you think. I am appending to lkabels cause I am tired of constantly having to change folders/locations/names.
  4. keep getting error message

    that was what I was told to do
  5. keep getting error message

    After several freez ups and 5 minutes of cussing profusely I finally got Utorrent to cooperate. Here is the screenshot
  6. keep getting error message

    I fiured out why I am getting second error message. I have set all my downloads and finished torrents to go to my external hard drive, along with their label. So I am wondering why when the torrent is finished it constantly goes to my C: where I cannot find it unless I right click on torrent and click on open containing folder. This is why I keep getting storage error and my laptop hard drive is so full.
  7. keep getting error message

    as I said, all of them. That is why I said what I said. It happens when i move files, transfer, files, label files, and when I download files.
  8. Utorrent is going haywire. Preferences are being changed or not followed, settings are not working, and it keeps freezing every time I try to do something with torrent(s). My preferences are set at 4 active downloads at one time with 2 downloads and 2 seeds, but all seeds run instead of queueing, stealing over half my computer speed. I am using Windows 10 with version 3.5.3. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling new version of 3.5.3 and it still constantly freezes, but it looks like the preferences/settings issues are fixed. Of course this happened before after some tweaking and after a couple days it went back to acting up so we shall see. I wondered if maybe low space on laptop hard drive was causing the issues along with error messages (this is in another post) so I tried downloading straight to external, but it keeps downloading onto my C: when I open the app from my external. I tried uninstalling some stuff and that didn't work either so I put back my files. I am using WIndos 10 OS with Utorrent version 3.5.3 new build. My external is a 1TB Silicon Power with 476 GB of space left. I have 221 MB on laptop hard drive left.
  9. keep getting error message

    Nope, it didn't.
  10. keep getting error message

    I almost forgot. I am now getting a new error message that states you do not have enough storage to move files. I have the files set to move to their labels/folder. I am wondering if since I am getting low on laptop hd space if this is the culprit. If so, I do not understand how it could be since everything is set to my external.
  11. I am using Windows 10 with Utorrent version 3.5.3. For the past few days Utorrent has been resetting my preferences, constantly freezing when I try to change settings, move files, or set labels/bandwith, and not following the preferences I set. I have my preferences at 4 maximum active torrents with 2 downloads and 2 seeds. The new torrents will queue, but all torrents will seed even though I have it set at max 2.
  12. keep getting error message

    I have no idea why my last post did not go through. I am using windows 10, UTorrent version 3.5.3, and an external for torrents. I am not using my laptop hd. The size of the files vary from 1.3GB to 24 GB. I have 495GB free space on a silicon power 1TB external hd. What is really confusing me is the large files I have no problem with-it is the small ones. Makes no sense. I recently noticed that it happens most on files with x264 and/or 1098p Blue Ray.
  13. keep getting error message

    On certain torrents after check finishes it says file is too big for system. I do not know how to explain this further.
  14. keep getting error message

    I keep getting an error message stating file too large for system when I move/transfer/download certain torrents. The file is not that big, largest one being 6GB, and I have plenty of storage on my external hard drive. Yet I had no problem with a 24GB file. Makes no sense.
  15. How do you reseed torrents?

    yeah looks like I will have to do that. For some reason the torrents are not going into the file I tell them to. They want to go in their own separate folder.