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  1. Torrents won't seed or download

    Thanks for your help. It seems to be solved. If not I will just repeat at every failure. Now to fix the new problem. Windows randomly stopping recognizing my external hd.
  2. Torrents won't seed or download

    It seems to have worked. All the torrents after check started seeding/downloading. How long will this work though? Also should I delete all those sat files I moved?
  3. How do you reseed torrents?

    yeah looks like I will have to do that. For some reason the torrents are not going into the file I tell them to. They want to go in their own separate folder.
  4. Torrents won't seed or download

    Ah, I get it. *slaps forehead* Ok I tried replying with new reply and I was not allowed so I am editing this. I tried finding torrent file and it is nowhere to be found. I tried searching c: AND manually. No torrent file. I am also back to square one. I found it the other day under users/my name but it is not there and I haven't touched it. I have noticed that my external is moving torrent files I have downloaded directly to it on its own though. For instance when I got back on my laptop and booted up utorrent I had this problem so I checked the files (I had no errors or file cannot be found). I noticed that my movies/mission impossible and movies/spiderman and movies/transformers files were no longer in movies folder but in its own folder. This is getting too weird and complicated. I am about to say $#@! it.
  5. How do you reseed torrents?

    Mike I have already done all that. They still try to redownload or I get message cannot find file or I get connecting to peers and it stays that way. I am about to say screw it and redownload them just so the torrents don't die because they have only one or two seeds and anywhere between 1 and 8 leechers.
  6. Torrents won't seed or download

    Mike I have no clue how to backup settings. Well I turned on my torrents yesterday and low and behold a miracle happened . . . Everything worked as it should. I was so excited. Then a few hours later everything went red. two torrents said error cannot find file. 7 others turned red when I tried to seed and the last one started redownloading. I did nothing to settings nor did I move them. All I did was exit utorrent then when I could restarted utorrent. I got two of them seeding again but now they are back to being red. Again I did nothing to them but exited then returned later on. Sow how can they one minute work just fine and the next turn red? I have tried restarting utorrent, refreshing, restarting computer, and shutting down computer completely then booting up with external attached. None of these worked.
  7. How do you reseed torrents?

    Like my last post, I have done extensive research on this and again nothing works. I follow the steps to the T and the torrent always wants to redownload. I have even tried adding torrent but when I click on the file I want to seed it opens the file instead of adding. I click on the next file inside that file and it opens till I have only one file to add and then it also wants to download not seed. If I try and add the torrent file itself instead of whole file it tries to connect to peers and if if connects it starts downloading. I have some files that don't have very many trackers or seeders so I wanted to help out. At the time I downloaded the file I did not have the space to keep the torrents so I had to put them in cloud. Now I have a 1tb hd so space is not a problem.
  8. Torrents won't seed or download

    You say they are garbage, but you do not explain or give your idea of what the settings should be. That is your personal opinion. The settings I have came from several blogs/forums so they are more than likely not garbage. I have also used all kinds of different settings of my own and still does not work. Could it be from not seeding enough?
  9. I am completely at a loss. I have tried everything I can think of from watching videos to reading blogs and NOTHING works. I first downloaded torrents to c: then moved to external, but I could never get Utorrent to find the files no matter what I did so I started downloading my torrents straight to my external. Now when I have to log off then later log back on it is a pain getting the torrents to start again and I boot with external plugged in. Now they won't start at all. Even the new ones won't start. They keep trying to connect to peers. I have been able to get only one torrent to seed after stopping/restarting. I am beginning to wonder if there is a limit to how many times you can download/seed torrents but I cannot find this anywhere. The only thing that came close was you can be banned for being a leecher. Well that I am because I can't get the torrent to seed or I get files are missing or cannot find file. Out of all my torrents I got one to seed after moving my torrents to an easier to manage file (movies, music, etc.). I got smart and created subfolder first. This worked for a day or two, but now I am back to square one. These are screenshots of one that is connecting to peers (now for 9 hours) (This was at 85.3% when I restarted Utorrent this morning. A few minutes ago it started over for some reason), one that is seeding and in the red (now for 9 hours), and one that is seeding with no problem since yesterday.