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  1. Well, that is... Thanks to the staff for version 2 - working fine within XP sp3. I do not understand why the heck people using Win 7 without realizing the problems coming with the beta operating system. Okay I using win7 my self because new is fun but nobody really knows which problems that are related for example to a damn network driver when both UT 2 and Win 7 are betas....? Microsoft changing their TCP protocol stack.
  2. Thanks for the best torrent client ever. I'm using Zonealarm free version with TrueVector security for the stealth reason but found a compatibility problem with µTorrent 1.8.3 build 15728 and the TrueVector engine on my system (Windows XP sp3) which leads to the truevector service crashes. Do you now why and are there anything I can do to workaround? This problem did not exist within the previous version of µTorrent Thanks in advance Frogmaster Well - my problem is solved. It's seems something did go wrong during the upgrade. After an uninstall, download and a clean install of µTorrent 1.8.3, everything is just fine - thanks again for making µTorrent