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  1. No, I am not blocking my incoming port, I have the green checkmark and everything runs fine, initially. Then if I let it download for 30-60 mins, speeds drop to almost nothing across all torrents that are active. There is clearly a problem here.
  2. Nothing to do with ISP throttle. The downloading is broken in the last two versions of uTorrent and downloads slow down to a crawl over time quite frequently (across all ISPs). Stop and then restart utorrent and speeds go right back up for a good long while, only to once again slow down over time.
  3. You are not the only having this problem and it started with the last two versions of utorrent!
  4. The latest Beta (3.5.5 Beta Build 45770) has a bug in that makes it completely useless! It is impossible to reset the filter text to the empty string in the filter edit control at the top. It keeps resetting itself to the phrase "Filter Torrents" which of course does not match anything and will not accept an empty string for no-filter. If you try to tab out of the edit control or click out of it, so that it loses focus with no filter set, it will just put back the "Filter Torrents" phrase into the edit control, which as previously mentioned, will not match anything. This make it impossible to turn filtering off.