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  1. 28918: I have both the "downloading metadata" and "flushing to disk" bugs. This makes the program almost unusable unfortunately...

    BTW, Hi guys, I haven't posted here in ages :)

    EDIT: I also managed to find a reproducible crash. When you get "flushing to disk", stop the torrent, force re-check, start the torrent, it reliably crashes after a while (I think I have already sent several crash logs).

  2. I'm the one who was reporting the similar problem' date=' but as I mentioned on my previous post, after installing the latest version the problem is gone [for me at least']. I did nothing to the settings before and after updating. Maybe try fresh install? [backup all your settings first of course].

    The "not exactly maximized" problem is likely fixed. Since it was random, I wasn't sure if it's gone or just luck. It hasn't happened since, so I'll assume it's fixed.

    The problem with the tray icon is still here though... happens only with uT's icon and only appeared recently. I have "minimize at system start", but the window still shows and the tray icon doesn't work properly.

    Looking into this and GTK66 problem, look for a fix in a few weeks :D

    I managed to reproduce the "not exactly maximized" problem reliably. It will happen if I kill uT's process or if I shut down windows while uT is running (I guess windows doesn't wait for uT and kills it).

  3. I'm the one who was reporting the similar problem, but as I mentioned on my previous post, after installing the latest version the problem is gone [for me at least]. I did nothing to the settings before and after updating. Maybe try fresh install? [backup all your settings first of course].

    The "not exactly maximized" problem is likely fixed. Since it was random, I wasn't sure if it's gone or just luck. It hasn't happened since, so I'll assume it's fixed.

    The problem with the tray icon is still here though... happens only with uT's icon and only appeared recently. I have "minimize at system start", but the window still shows and the tray icon doesn't work properly.

  4. I have the following problems with the tray icon [25406]:


    I have

    close to tray - on

    single click on tray... - on

    always activate when clicked - off


    When I first start uT, it always show the program window, regardless of how it was when I closed it last time. Then if I close the window (and send it to the tray), clicking on the tray icon doesn't work. The windows doesn't show. I have to use right click > hide/show uT. After I do this once, the tray icon starts working normally. This behaviour has been there for sometime now.

    Another problem is that sometimes the program window pops up in restored state instead of maximized (I always keep it maximized). It's slightly bigger than maximized when this happens. this has been going on for a few days, but it looks random, so I'm not sure how to reproduce it or even if it happens with the latest build.

    Here another user is reporting the same problem:

    Windows 7 x64, SP1

  5. These are the fixes we will do to uTorrent to mitigate this problem:

    1. have a fixed read cache line size of, say, 128 kiB, rather than the full piece

    2. for fast peers, request entire pieces to improve cache performance for the sending peer

    Please do implement the first option. I did some test on my own and I think that 2.2.x was using 128 KB cache lines. It was still reading more than it was uploading, but < 2x, while 3.X is reading at ~100x!

  6. Hi,

    A few of us have been discussing this, and would like you to try a few things:

    1. Try enabling: "Turn off read caching if the upload speed is slow"

    2. Try incresing advanced option: diskio.cache_reduce_minutes

    We're wondering if the rate at which we expire the cache in your circumstances is slightly greater than the rate that some of your peers are getting the data from you.

    1. Well, this works as advertised at low speeds, but when the speed increases uT still reads like mad. I just had a single torrent uploading at about 250-300 KB/s and it was reading at 20-30 MB/s.

    2. I did not see any difference when playing with this setting (tried 10, 100, 1000). I have no idea what this does, so I don't know what a "sane" value would be; I just tried a bunch at random.

    To me it seems that uT is reading the entire piece for every block it has to upload and then discards it from the cache.

  7. I have a serious problem with uT's read cache. It seems to be reading a lot more than it actually needs. It just keeps on reading. It must have been going for some time (all 3.X versions I think) but I hadn't noticed until now.

    Exhibit A: 00e8338f8027ec3f.png

    Exhibit B: 3d207bb1628c9210.png

    At this point it was only running for 30 minutes or so and had uploaded < 300MB.

    The cache setting are all the same as they were on 2.X. I tried different configurations, but nothing seems to make a difference (short of turning the read cache off).


    build 25277 x86 on Windows 7 x64 SP1

    I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, if this make any difference.

  8. Are any of you with the disappearing tray icon starting uT with /minimized?

    I think I fixed it.

    I didn't have /minimized, but I was shutting down windows while uT is running and minimized to tray, so next time it starts it would start minimized.

    I tried exiting uT manually (while not minimized to tray) and then shutting down windows and now it seems to start properly every time regardless of how I exited last time.

    And no, I don't think the problem was with uT not closing properly on shutdown. All other settings were getting stored just fine.

  9. theres really a problem with the utorrent icon showing in the shows/hides on its own will...

    this problem has to be urgently addressed...

    To fix the tray icon' date=' you have to set the Boss Key. Then, activate Boss mode once, and then deactivate Boss mode again. Apparently, after doing that once it should be permanently fixed. Someone suggested this to me, and it has worked for me for the last 3 days (knock on wood).[/quote']

    I also have this problem and the boss key fix didn't help unfortunately...

    Basically, on windows startup there is no icon (uT is set to start on startup). If I disable/enable "always show tray icon" it appears and shows up on subsequent uT restarts, but if I restart windows the icon is gone again.

    Windows 7x64

  10. I'm also getting something like this.

    During the recheck, when uT reached a non-existent file that used to be there, it started spouting a repeated error in the logger

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:3888:1044688:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:1048576:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:2097152:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:3145728:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:4194304:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:5242880:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:6291456:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:7340032:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:8388608:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:9437184:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:10485760:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:11534336:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:12582912:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:13631488:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:14680064:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:15728640:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:16777216:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:17825792:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:18874368:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:19922944:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:20971520:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:22020096:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:23068672:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:24117248:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:25165824:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:26214400:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:27262976:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:28311552:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:29360128:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:30408704:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:31457280:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:32505856:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:33554432:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:34603008:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:35651584:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:36700160:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:37748736:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:38797312:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:39845888:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:40894464:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:41943040:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:42991616:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:44040192:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:45088768:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:46137344:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:47185920:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:48234496:1048576:1048576:19

    [2010-04-25 00:59:49] ReadFile error: aaf-mb.s08e04.720p.r00:49283072:720816:1048576:19

    Then eventually hanged.

    This is 19225, Windows 7, x64

    Files are on a local HDD that works flawlessly.

    EDIT: so this happens when a partfile is used. If the partfile is deleted or corrupted and I force recheck, uT checks for every piece of every file that was supposed to be downloaded, including every piece of the border files (set to skip, but their border pieces are in the partfile).

    So if the files are still there, uT just checks them.

    If they are missing I get the above errors.

    And if they were border files, after the partfile is gone they are technically missing, and I again get the errors even for pieces that were not supposed to be downloaded.

    And this happens in 18825 too

  11. [17618a]

    The new skin looks surprisingly ugly. And I don't mean the style, but the lack of proper 32bit transparency in the new toolbar and tabs icons (I can't comment on the status icons, cause my background is white there).

    Just compare how it looks now


    to how it should look


    On the same note, I can't make it load the tstatus.bmp that I was using so far. After the upgrade I just see the default status icons.

  12. I think there is a bug in the new toolbar skinning.

    When used with an old skin (12 icons), it desaturates (or sth similar) the inactive ones to make them grey, but for some reason it also removes the transparency of the background and the icons have a grey rectangle around them.

    Then I tried to make a new toolbar with 24 icons where I have already made grey variants for them. uT loads them fine, but seems to apply the same filter on the new icons, again removing the transparency.

    All of this does not happen with the default skin.

    So this is a 2 part bug

    1) change the filter so it does not remove the transparency when 12 icon set is used

    2) do not apply any filter when 24 icon set is used (since we would have already made them grey if needed)

    This is, of course, if I'm not missing something obvious...

  13. I'm sorry that I have to do this since I realize that a lot of hard work must have went into the design, but I will unfortunately have to trash it in this post...

    // rant mode on

    IMHO it's unusable, sorry...

    The basics are all there, but after a few minutes my eyes get really tired.

    First of all the colours... waaay too bright. Especially the lighter of the post backgrounds and the 2 yellow bands at the bottom. The have reached some limit where I start to involuntarily start moving my head around to find a viewing angle that will make the contrast between them and the white background higher. I remember when made a similar new design that had (and still has) the exact same problem. The stupid thing is that a simple thin dark outline would completely fix this (the old designs actually did exactly that), but nooooo... we have to pretend to be "stylish" and "web 2.0" or whatever. Well fuck web2.0. As it stands now, white backgrounds everywhere would look better!

    Then there is the forum width. In the old design it would resize to fill the browser window, not any more... You have a widescreen monitor? Bad luck.

    Now to something a bit different. Have you tried the "code" tag? If you tell me that you like how it looks I'll jump of a bridge or something. Where is the border? Quoting has a border, why not "code"?

    Then there is the insanely huge empty space between the avatar and the actual text of the post. The old design also had that space, but at least it would resize to fill the browser window. Now the actual post takes only about half of the screen!

    // rant mode off

    I could go on like that, but I really don't want to offend anyone. I know you put effort into it, I just can't understand where it all broke along the way. What was so wrong with the old design that you had to change it? Well it's back to the "Lithium" style for me.