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  1. as far as I know, every torrent client has a list priority system and it will always recheck any torrent that is either #1 or at top of the list, (can't remember which one though). Thus probably that 250GB one was at the top of the client's list and then move on to the rest even if you download anything new while that job is in progress. As for checking multiple torrents at the same time, you gotta ask the devs about it if a setting exists that you can tweak to get it done.
  2. I guess you never tried it yourself. I have switched from clients to clients very frequently based on needs, and I can gurantee you this much is that, a file from one torrent client if deleted can always be resumed from its last position in another client. Suppose you downloaded a file of 20 gigs and only 10 gigs was completed and you deleted the torrent file but not the original content. Then that file can resume downloading even if you open the torrent file in a different client. I have migrated from utorrent to bittorrent to deluge to qbittorrent in the past and based on my experience this absolutely works. However the time to recheck torrent will always vary from client to client. hmm true I guess. I did do the steps "notemebug" suggested, it did not speed up the recheck in any way. Wish utorrent had the system qbittorrent has when rechecking torrents. Using RAM to recheck torrent is a brilliant feature to be honest. People who have more RAM can make full use of it.
  3. I don't think you got my question from the post. What I wanted to know if any similar option is available in utorrent. Suppose I downloaded a file in qbittorrent and completed that about 30% and then deleted that torrent from qbittorrent but not the actual file. The file still remains and I opened that same torrent in utorrent and specified the same directory. Now utorrent will do a file check of existing content because of the hash similarity. I am talking about this checking. In qbittorrent, there is a specific settings to fasten this check and it is called "outstanding memory when checking torrents". You can assign your preferred RAM amount to be used to increase the speed of checking existing files for resuming from 30%. Also, qbittorrent applies ".!qB" extension to incomplete torrents and you can turn that off from the settings as well. uTorrent creates a utorrentpart file of some sort. So if I want to resume a torrent downloaded with utorrent, I gotta delete that "part" file that prevents any other apps to resume that torrent. Although there is no app to migrate from utorrent to qbittorrent automatically, there is an app to migrate from utorrent to qbittorrent, same goes from deluge too as I have used these 3 apps so far. As for different settings, yeah, that much is a hassle. For example, with utorrent, to find the settings that tweaks the amount of RAM you can assign to be used when checking torrents is not as obvious as it is in qbittorrent.
  4. Yeah I know that much. Qbittorrent. It had an option called "outstanding memory when checking torrents", here I could specify the amount of RAM it would use to check torrent that is resumed from another client while specifying the same directory as from the previous client. Btw, sorry for replying so late, I kinda forgot about this post.
  5. Can I specify how much RAM this would use? If it uses all of my RAM while checking then that would be a problem.
  6. Let's assume I have downloaded a torrent by another client and now removed that torrent from queue in that client and now want to continue downloading with utorrent. Suppose the total file size is about 200GB. This takes like forever to check in utorrent. I have 32GB RAM and in another client that I had used had a feature to assign more RAM upon rechecking or checking existing files of a torrent. I set this to 10GB on that client as I had RAM to spare and the torrent did check quite faster than before. How do I do this on utorrent? If anyone know, please help.