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    WriteToDisk: Too many open files

    Ok, they are more or less 3452...
  2. salasloth

    WriteToDisk: Too many open files

    Sorry, didn't understand...the general information says "870 x 8.00 MB of pieces" if that's what you asked. But I don't know how it divide and count the torrent, because I have for sure 5 folders with 400 pieces each one and a lot more that I can't count.
  3. salasloth

    WriteToDisk: Too many open files

    Currently four...three are dowloading normally and than there is this one with problems. All of them are magnet link. I tried to download it once again and it arrived at 68% but at a certain time it stops and shows the message. The log shows that it stopped twice on the same file of the torrent, and once while downloading another file of the torrent, I don't know if it's important
  4. Hi, I'm working on Utorrent version 1.8.7 (43864) with MacBook Pro. I'm trying to download a 7 GB music sample library from a magnet link. It starts correctly but at about 10% of download it suddenly stops and in the " Status " section , instead of " Downloading " there is the error: " WriteToDisk: Too many open files ". What does it mean ? How can I fix it ? Thanks to everybody