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  1. @rafiit's my modem, my bad, sorry about that. Thanks for your assistance, kind regards!
  2. Hi @rafi, first of all thanks for your assistance. I reinstalled utorrent with the default settings, just in case, and added the torrent you sent me. It downloads perfectly. But I can't download the torrent I need (1337x.to), my router keeps rebooting
  3. Good afternoon community, sorry to bother you. I have an internet connection that includes a modem + router. At the moment I¡m downloading a torrent of approx. 30 Gb and the problem is that the modem restarts after downloading a few megabytes, it does so constantly. This has never happened to me before, and I've downloaded a lot of stuff. Do you have any idea what could be going on? I'm from Argentina, the connections here are not the best and my broadband is only 10 megabytes. This torrent is downloading up to 1.1 Mb/s, which I consider to be a good speed, and the estimated download time is 6 hours, so I don't know what to attribute this problem to. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thank you very much in advance!