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  1. I gave it a try: https://forum.utorrent.com/topic/108800-auto-label-feature-support-regex-in-contains/ Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I'm using uTorrent 3.5.5 on windows 10. As I see, the 'Auto-Label>Contains' custom rules only apply to the torrent name, not the names of the files to be downloaded. My feature request it to support regular expressions in "Contains" in the "Auto-Label feature" (or at least a | separated list of keywords). This way it will be possible to combine multiple keywords. Example case: I'd like to make a Label rule, named "games". Every such game torrent contains in its name the following part in the end: e.g. "CODEX", "CPY", "RELOADED" etc In this case, instead of making three separate rules, I'd use: /.*(CODEX|CPY|RELOADED)/i Thank you
  3. Thanks for the reply. I also thought of adding multiple rules for the same label, but I actually want to combine a lot more keywords in the same rule(s), and having one rule for each label would be much more convenient to keep.
  4. I'm using uTorrent 3.5.5 on windows 10. I'd like to ask your help please regarding the Auto-Label: I've been trying to make a Label rule, named "games". Every such game torrent contains in its name the following part in their end: e.g. "CODEX" or "CPY", etc I've tried separating these strings with either comma, a | character, or even a regular expression, but nothing works - only using a single string, e.g. plain "CODEX". Here are my efforts (the attached screenshot is from the last one) : CODEX,CPY CODEX|CPY /.*(CODEX|CPY)/i .*(CODEX|CPY) Is there a way to combine multiple keywords in "Contains" or do I have to make a separate rule for each one? Thank you
  5. darkred

    3.5.x Beta

    Ok, sorry, my misunderstanding. No, I meant that Defender didn't find anything , not yesterday nor today, when manually scanning the file. Yesterday, it blocked and removed the running process, due its behavior, i.e. (most probably) that, right after I replaced the executable and ran it, it created/modified the 4 registry keys for autorun+uninstall shown in the 2nd screenshot in the initial post.
  6. darkred

    3.5.x Beta

    First of all thanks both for the responses. @mike20021969That part was harsh and unnecessary... Anyway, yes, the file's Digital Signature is intact. I always check the file's Digital Signature (I don't check virustotal because I know that all utorrent build executables get, more or less, false positives in some of the antivirus engines it uses). I always (close uTorrent and) just replace uTorrent.exe with the new executable. It's not like it's the first time I do that. In fact I've updated to all the recent beta builds that you've linked to. But this time it was different: this was the first time Windows Defender blocked the running process itself and removed it ("this program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker ") putting it in Quarantine. My 1st screenshot above was the initial Defender notification, i.e. that the running process is "dangerous and executes commands from an attacker". At that time I ignored it and just closed uTorrent. But, as soon I tried to re-run it, I found that it had automatically quarantined it. That's what it worried me the most, and so I asked for your opinion (otherwise I would just ignore it). But, in general, if what you're suggesting is that, as long as the Digital Signature is ok, to always ignore whatever alert your antivirus or firewall might notify you of, then I'd say that, whatever the software might that be, it might be cases that the alert is indeed real (like the recent CCleaner case). @rafi the Defender's definitions yesterday, were up-to-date at that point: I just manually updated them to today's: Scanning the executable doesn't find anything, as it did yesterday. Windows version:
  7. darkred

    3.5.x Beta

    Regarding the latest beta build, Windows Defender (win 10) found its running process as "Trojan:Win32/Fuery.A!cl". I simply replaced the beta uTorrent.exe with the new one, as always. Never happened such thing before, with any beta or stable build. I guess it's just false positive, but could we please confirm ?
  8. One question: "speed up the rendering of magnet links" means that the torrent information is now retrieved faster?
  9. One thing about the "Completed" category in the utorrent's interface main window: apart from the finished/seeding torrents it also displays the items that have been loaded as magnet links and are not started (their status: Stopped 0.0%). I've noticed this in all latest utorrent releases.
  10. One little issue: in the torrent job list, when you press ctrl+'+' in order to auto-fit the columns the columns Health, Rating and Playback don't get resized properly, they're shrunk more than it should. Currently: How it should be:
  11. On both my screenshots, on the bottom left, in the 'Physical Memory' panel it shows: System Cache: 55.7 GB !! PS. Normally it's around 1.5GB
  12. I've tried the new build (24767) in win7x64 (with 4GB ram): when I finished downloading a 4.5gb torrent and right-clicked on it and pressed "Force Re-check", then during the rechecking, utorrent gradually reached more and more memory, till it reached using the WHOLE system memory (see link1 below) and the system hang (I could barely use the mouse) This continued until: either checking finishes or if I exit utorrent; then memory usage immediately drops to normal, around 1.2GB (see link2 below) Screenshots of total physical memory usage using process hacker: before pressing "force re-check" (1.23 GB) and during re-check: (3.7 GB!!) Also, clicking on the Apps tab makes utorrent crash.