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    µTorrent WebUI

    Thanks for the explanation Ultima. That cleared a lot of things.
  2. blindbox

    µTorrent WebUI

    I don't get what you mean. I'm sure getting datas switched is quite different than getting the updated cache from the client itself. Scraped seeds appearing as peers and scraped peers appearing as seeds are what happening. EDIT: Strange, it's working now. Forget everything I've said. Everything appears to be normal.
  3. blindbox

    µTorrent WebUI

    Ultima, what simonbcn reported is true. (This post here I've tried a few experiments of my own. It seems like in the WebUI, the scraped peers and seeders got switched (the connected seeders and peers are okay though), which explains simonbcn's screenshots. I can post some of my own but I would rather not go through the pain, since my internet really sucks.
  4. @xafier: Try downloading this and set the value higher, like 50 or 100(try not to reach the max lol) It helped my browsing speed. I've already said it a few pages back, I don't know if the devs notice.
  5. Okay, here's an update to post #696. I tried increasing half-open limits to 100 and at the same time pressed the install tcpip/v6/teredo install thingy (I doubt this does anything to my problem). My surfing speeds return after I did that. Wouldn't that mean something?
  6. With uTorrent 1.9 14589(and one version before), uTorrent slows down my internet completely(takes less than 5 minutes for it to do this). It won't go away unless I close utorrent and disable my LAN port(I do not know if it matters or not, did this to close all connections instantly) and re-enable it. Online gaming and mIRC(including DCC) still works well though. Just surfing sucks(and probably dloading). How do I know this? Well, internet on another PC on the network runs fine while utorrent is running on this pc. I'll try out the latest alpha now. I don't think I had this problem with the 13910 build, but I lost the exe for me to try it out. EDIT: Grammatical errors. UPDATE:I've tried the latest beta. No go, same problem persists. I'm going to try out 13910, I found it again in my HDD. UPDATE2: Same thing on 13910. I guess I just didn't notice that time >.> Anyway, I'll try another test with one whole other system. It should eliminate all other possibilities like buggy settings from previous versions(i install on top of another) or webui affecting it.
  7. Hmmm the connection doesn't seem to be stressed, more like clogged. I was able to use mIRC flawlessly, and my other pcs can use the internet while I'm dloading. It's probably my connection, too unstable to use cFosSpeed. I guess I'll need to find another prioritisation software, as I'm getting slower speeds with cFosSpeed during unstable periods. There's no need to dwell in this any longer, it's getting towards support.
  8. Okay, I found out the problem to my connection. It seems the cFosSpeed is at fault. I tried uninstalling it and everything went back to normal. Oh well, I'll tell if I found some other bug.
  9. I did 50 in Windows. Browsing failed when I was on 10 half-opens. I'll post back results tomorrow, my internet is pretty crappy, I can only test in the morning. Oh btw, stopping the torrents does make browsing work again... but that was because I restarted(as I can't change the tcpip.sys without restarting). I'll test them in your conditions and post results tomorrow. I didn't mention this before, I was also seeding 5 torrents during that period. Max upload is set at 18kB/s(my connection should be able to handle up to 24 kB/s of upload).
  10. Hello, I registered just to post a bug. I'll get straight to it. In build 13910, after downloading TWO heavily seeded torrent overnight (and the download is still running the next day), Firefox refuses to let me surf the web. However, I still could surf the web through another computer on the network. So I went and checked Help>Statistics under utorrent. I found out that the half-open connection is 8.... it might be related. I came to the conclusion that it is at fault. I'm still doing tests though, now I'm running with 50 max half-open connections (windows' default is 10 I believe, so I'm not sure why it failed to let me surf the web). Btw, my mIRC is running at that time and there's no lag for mIRC at all. Settings were 100 connections per torrent and I'm running cFosSpeed. I'll report back in an hour, that should be enough to saturate the connection I guess...