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  1. Also experiencing weird issues after trying to delete a torrent+data. Instead of deleting, it went blank, then another torrent's text started going Chinese... edit: It fixed itself after I manually stopped a seeding torrent, the deleted torrents went away and the text restored to normal.
  2. Magnet links still not working with latest, entries in logger: IO Error:6 line:405 align:-99 pos:-99 count:131072 actual:0 Error: <snip> - The handle is invalid.
  3. Now that such a wide array of torrent clients have implemented uTP, are there plans to drop TCP port mapping for uT clients that have only uTP enabled?
  4. I'm unsure what sparse actually does, but it's not enabling itself on Windows 8 (WinNT v6.2) so you may want your check to be a greater than ">" instead of an equal to. Also, should it be enabled when using an SSD, or doesn't it make a difference?
  5. Does someone care to explain WTF is going on here? Ads in uTorrent now? English OS....
  6. Curious if one of the devs (or someone) could explain why I still need a TCP port open when I force UDP only? Could uT be smart about this and check that my transport is set to UDP only, and as so, only map a UDP port?
  7. 2 months, should I assume you're not going to bother fixing it then?
  8. "Fixed peer exchange exploit"..? Also what's with the new Privacy section under BitTorrent in preferences? It doesn't appear to be documented in the Help section yet.
  9. @moogly, thanks! But it seems odd that a new map would be created only on-upgrade. Re-launching the application uses the same (previous) port fine, only upgrading uT seems to "reset" it and make another.
  10. Is it intended that every time I upgrade to a new uT build, Teredo goes and creates a new port-map? I'm on win7 and I enabled IPv6 in uT if it helps. But I don't think having a new port mapped every time you upgrade is a good thing. I'm at 4 open ports right now (upgraded 4 times since the last router reboot).
  11. There appears to be an issue with completed torrents that are larger than around 700+MB. Randomly when uT is opened, it will rename these stopped-but-completed large torrents back to .!ut and the only way (except manually) to get them back to normal is to start seeding ("click play") them.
  12. When it comes to size, it's _really_ hard to justify adding something as useless as "apps" in uT 2.2 (the responses to the thread says it all) and not justify a few extra kB for proper ASLR. Especially in today's world that torrenters are under fire more and more from these agencies, you could find yourself down the line with a secretly shared exploit that ASLR could have prevented, then the new headline in Germany/France will read dump uTorrent at all costs. My 2c.
  13. Are you fucking dumb or did you just not bother reading my post? Step 3 is OpenOffice not step 2. Step 2 was PeerGuardian, shit code made by retards. Again, let me highlight my post for step 3 a.k.a. OpenOffice torrents et al: