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    µTorrent MiniUI

    Ahh. IN webui.zip is much better. RTFQ. Thanks.
  2. dtjohnst

    µTorrent MiniUI

    This doesn't work for me. :-( I get either a blank page (FF3.5), a "page cannot be displayed" page (IE7), or an "invalid request" page (IE Mobile 6, Safari on iPod Touch). Just to confirm, I made a folder called mini inside %appdata%\uTorrent (webui works fine with webui.zip in %appdata%) and extracted the index.html and 8 .gz files there? (I also tried extracting the .jz and style.css files in case they were gzipped by mistake but that failed too). And I was going to http://myurl:xx/gui/mini/index.html btw. I even tried it on the local machine running localhost:xx/gui/mini/index.html.
  3. Here's another strange one. If uRemote is running and I open a .torrent file, often nothing happens. Sometimes it gets added, sometimes uRemote does nothing. I assume this is because uRemote is designed to add torrents via it's own menus once already opened, but I may be incorrect. I'm not quite sure how you'd go about resolving that or even if you can/feel it's necessary (not sure how big a problem it is since the uRemote menus work fine).
  4. Hey Matias, it's nice to see such frequent updates and I think it's great how you consider so many user requests. I have a request. I'm not sure if it's feasible or if it would require a lot of work, but is there any chance of getting a SOCKS proxy added in addition to the HTTP that's there? It's a rather small detail, and I'm not sure if it would benefit more people than just me, but it would make things simpler for me while I'm at work.
  5. That is correct, Ultima. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't know that only affected upload rate. Learn something new every day. Just noticed something else. ETA: 482 hours. Any chance we could get that to say 20 days? 482 hours isn't hard to estimate, but something like 184 or 698 would be a little trickier. And since my job involves mental math that needs to be both accurate (estimated to within +/- 1) and calculated quickly (in the region of 1 or 2 seconds) to avoid lots of people ending up dead, I'd rather avoid doing it at home. :S By the time I get home, my brain is kind of fried and hates math. I can use my calculator, but it'd be a nice feature to see days for at least anything over 99 hours. It'd help if I wasn't OCD to the point that any time I see something "184 hours" my brain doesn't isntantly feel the need to resolve that into days. :S Force of habit I guess.
  6. 1) Darn. That's too bad. Very useful feature. 2) That'll take some explaining I guess. If I queue up say, 40 downloads, I can select which order I want them to start in by using method 1. Sort them in the list (locally) so the ones I want to start first are at the top, the rest at the bottom. No problem. But that doesn't necessarily mean one will get priority over the other. If I have it set to allow say 5 downloads simultaneously, but there's 1 download that I want asap, moving it to number 1 in the list will still have it competing on an even footing with the other 4 concurrent downloads. Using method 2, I can set it to "High" priority while leaving the rest at "Normal". Now maybe I misunderstand how priority works. I believed it was different then simply ordering the downloads. If it's not, I guess I've been wasting time changing priority on torrents in addition to ordering them...
  7. I love it! This little program is awesome!!! There are a few features I would like to see added if you can, if not no biggie. It's still awesome! 1) Change torrent order. The # column, you know? 2) Change torrent priorities. I know you can change file priorities in yours, but setting priorities for the torrent would be great too. Those are 2 key features I felt were missing from the webUI as well. One additional thing that would be great would be to automatically check for updates to itself. If you could implement those 3 things, you'd be an even bigger hero.